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2 Distings: Syncing Audio & MIDI Playback Algos (solved)
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Author 2 Distings: Syncing Audio & MIDI Playback Algos (solved)

This was not a Disting issue, but I'm posting the solution in case others run into this issue:

I figured it out! In the Pamela's New Workout topic people mentioned that the clock isn't quite exact, so naturally I would run into issues! I left Pam's at 24PPQN and exported a click track (with 24 pulses per quarter note in Ableton) to a WAV File.

The steps below are a little convoluted, lemme know if you need clarification.

1. Using I-7 Dual Playback to use A for the backing track/sample and B for my click track. I'd create a playlist-dual.txt and make your sample odd and your click even in the default playlist. If you got multiple "songs", you can scroll to the next pair with the Z knob.
2. Run I-7's B to PNW's clock. you may notice it's 1 BPM off, it's fine it's still on time.
3. With this new clock, run a 1x clock to the X input of your MIDI Disting (J1)
4. Use 2 of PNW's outputs (or run a mult from one) for a single initial start pulse (modifider = looks like a gate). Run those into the Sample Player (I-7) Disting's X input and run the other into the Y of the MIDI Disting (J1) to reset it to the start just in case.
5. The MIDI Disting's A output goes to your 1v/oct and B is the gate, as per the manual.
6. The remaining A output from the I-7 Dual Audio Disting is your sample. As long as this is the same bpm as your 24ppqn track it should be in sync.

Old Message:

Hey there.

I'm trying to move away from having to use my laptop live as it's a huge pain in the ass. I have two Distings (mk4) now with the idea to play an audio backing track/sample and MIDI file simultaneously in sync. I have a Pamela's New Workout to trigger the retrigger, start position, and tempo. What I've noticed is that the audio playback never seems to line up or slowly goes out of sync (which might be unavoidable?). Here's what I've tried:

1. I-1 Audio + J1 MIDI. PNW sending out start gate to X input in I-1 and Y (retrigger) on J1. Clock BPM from PNW to X input on J1. Doesn't keep sync.

2. Attempted to figure out the latency difference between the MIDI and WAV playback by creating an audio click track in Audacity as well as a MIDI click track. It seems like it's around 10ms but I haven't been able to nail it down, unfortunately. I was deleting the first 10ms or so of audio in the WAV in hopes that would sync it properly, but no dice.

3. Thought about using the I-7 Dual playback mode to use Slot 1 for backing track and Slot 2 for audio click track, then sending that click into J1's X clock rate. I actually recorded the raw audio of Pam's clock and that works as a clock... but it still doesn't seem to be synced up?

4. Bought a faster SD card, no success there.

Potentially important: I have some MIDI notes from Ableton that I exported that aren't "fixed" on the grid, does the Disting just play the next note quantized to the clock... thus shifting everything perhaps?

The only other thing I could think of, is that the speed of the WAV file playback is inconsistent or slowing down/speeding up, but I have no idea. Any ideas? Am I asking too much out of the Disting?


EDIT: Found the thread with people discussing the PNW clock being slightly off and I'm investigating that now. neutral
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