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5823 Noise Sorcerer/Voltage Controlled Annihilator
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Author 5823 Noise Sorcerer/Voltage Controlled Annihilator
Yes Powder
Can we talk about these? Nobody is, and I'd really like to.

The 5823 Noise Sorcerer is an amazingly fun (if not always predictable) noise source. Great for hi-hat sounds; just run it though an LPG and you're golden! Adds a lovely haze to raw waveforms run through it. Can do weird things when you hold a magnet up to it. Different behaviors between 5823A and various makes of 5823/Z900T tubes.
And dat plasma glow!

Also the Voltage Controlled Annihilator! Nasty pulse distortion/waveshaper from which you can coax a very unstable suboctave. (I've also found you can get it to behave more like a regular VCA by running audio to the CV in and vice-versa but why would you want to do a thing like that? whistlin')
Here's a track in which I get some subtle use out of it in order to restore attack transients to audio coming from a Montreal Assembly Goodbye24, which is a very lo-fi pitch/delay effect.
That's a truly awesome track man.
I don't know how I did't see this thread... just assumed this sub forum was on a long sleep d'oh!

Excellent track btw SlayerBadger!

Love the Noise Sorcerer and Voltage Controlled Annihilation. The Noise Sorcerer is often used for FM duties on various harvestman filters, but I'm going to have to try feeding it some audio sources... hadn't thought about that. I most often use the ZI modules with various lower bit rate digital sound sources. Something magical about how the tubes interact with the jagged wave forms.

Here's a video I did using the Noise Sorcerer to drive the frequency of a self-oscillating polivoks filter.

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