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Sticky for sharing problems with shops and vendors
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Author Sticky for sharing problems with shops and vendors
I’ve had several bad experiences in the 5 years I’ve been buying eurorack gear, as I’m sure some of you have. Sometimes buying from an established business, or having to fall on the service of an established vendor ends up less than well.

As has been pointed to me by an admin here, sometimes threads are opened on an individual basis and as is usually the case other will join the discussion to say they had only wonderful experiences with such and such. The person who started the thread, whether he is justified or not, can end up looking like a troll.

Alternatively a thread would be opened calling for action (boycott, avoid at all cost, do not buy), ALL CAPS LOCKED angry accusations against a business. This doesn’t earn my sympathy either.

I think there should be a place where we can share the bad as well as the good. This could be a valuable resource if used fairly, an ugly mess if abused and somewhere in between most of the time.

We could decide on guidelines, for example focus on what happened to you, back your claims with documents or if you can’t do so explain why, avoid name calling and let other people make their own judgement.

I’m not sharing my story just now, I’d rather give someone the benefit of the doubt and wait for him to do what needs to be done. If it doesn’t work - and it’s not the first time this has happened to me - I think it concerns other people too.
Or maybe twin threads, the other one for exceptionally good experiences.
Reality Checkpoint
huffnPuff wrote:
Or maybe twin threads, the other one for exceptionally good experiences.

There is this already:
I’ll start with a very recent experience and will keep the some of names out because someone actually is trying to help.

I bought a few modules from Analogue Haven, including two logic modules of which one isn’t working as it should. I sent a mail to AH and the vendor. AH never bothered to answer and the vendor asked for my address to send a replacement. That was two months ago and the replacement never showed up. I contacted the vendor once since with a picture that illustrates the issue, asking for an update - no answer.

I bought - on my dollar - a replacement module from another shop, it doesn’t work as it should either (it’s a known issue with these modules, I’m not making this up). I contacted the vendor and the other store - still no response from the vendor but the (other) store acknowledged the problem and is trying to help out.

I’m mentioning Analogue Haven because I’ve had nothing but bad experience with this store, time and time again. Orders take weeks or more to be fulfilled although a payment is accepted at the time of the order, no communication meanwhile and no help when something goes wrong.

I’ve asked here and it’s not always the case, I believe people who say they had the best experience with this person/ business. Apparently he doesn’t treat everybody the same way, it’s the only explanation I can come up with. For one thing, I live outside the US so it’s easy to ignore me as I have no recourse. Why could I possibly do besides let it go or let it fester?

I have no reason to believe I’m the only one this is happening to.
Update: AH just sent an email and offered help, appreciated.
Update: I’ve given up on trying to get these Circuit Abbey XORYs repaired. For reference - don’t buy those modules without having them checked, there’s a bunch of them in the wild that output the logical inversion XNOR instead.
I had a problem with a unit I got from Big City Music. They responded to my first email, then complete silence. Ignored my follow-up emails. I then contacted the manufacturer, who did the right thing. Big City lost a customer.
How you resolve this issue.
What issue? Please be more specific.
sduck wrote:
What issue? Please be more specific.

How to spam, presumably ... just wait a little bit.
And at more or less the same moment another user registered posting a similar useless message, so that one is probably a spammer to.
You are most likely correct sir!
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