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Long form ambient/microtonal using Synth Tech E352
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Author Long form ambient/microtonal using Synth Tech E352
This is a piece I put together using only the Synthesis Technology E352 oscillator as a sound source. It is very long and evolves slowly.

I have been experimenting with creating my own wavetables, using computer programming, for use with the E352. I was playing with adding a sine wave fundamental with some of it's partials and having the partials decay towards a pure sine. I found that this creates metallic tones and different combinations of partials and amplitudes would create different timbres and qualities. So I randomly generated a bunch of wavetables and selected the ones that were most pleasing, and then used them to voice this recording over several passes.

I used Maths to achieve both the audio envelope and for sweeping the cv on the wavetable. The composition is in 31edo using uTune. It starts with a fairly consonant progression and then evolves towards more dissonance.

Feedback is welcome and thanks for listening!

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=708097352 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]
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