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Tempi Stuck in Weird Mode PGM_A is green
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Author Tempi Stuck in Weird Mode PGM_A is green
Hey folks,

Just got a Tempi and maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I struggle to do basically anything in the manual.

PGM A is stuck green. Pressing PGM A and PGM B doesn't do anything. I think I got it to shift phases with fine tuning machine programming one time. Another time I got it to human program a simple / 2 and /3 clock. Another time I tried to get / 4-- that seemed to maybe work when I tried switching the roles of PGM_A and PGM_B.

I can't seem to get to any clock modes. Resetting to factory settings maybe doesn't work.

What does appear to work: cycling the power, buttons 1-5 work ok but their effect is indeterminate. Button 6 doesn't seem to respond to anything.

Struggling to even find a coherent way to phrase this problem to make noise technical so hoping maybe someone has experienced some kind of weird behavior where they've accidentally entered a debugging mode (I know Telharmonic has one).
Here's an example video of what my bootup sequence is. Are lights 1-5 flashing? They seem to change colors but does that count as a flash?
Is there any visible change to your module after doing the factory reset? Are you in "Follow" mode? If so, are you able to put your Tempi into "Free" Mode? You do this by double pressing PGM_A on the Tempi and then pressing BUTTON3. That setting is saved and remembered at power up.
Nope, I couldn’t manage to get it out of follow mode and it. Was behaving strangely in follow mode. Had to send it in to Make Noise
I like my Tempi, but it is a bit confusing at times. I do have to keep the manual on hand for almost everything....
from your video it does look like something is very wrong. you can't seem to switch to the other "pages" like Mute Mode by pressing PGM_A, and Mod Mode by pressing PGM_B, and so forth. I've never had the PGM_A flash any other color than blue, along with the Master Clock indicator next to it.

have you tried contacting Make Noise?
tbf wrote:

have you tried contacting Make Noise?

Yes, just got it serviced from make noise and it's much better now! Looking forward to exploring it this weekend.
I'm not 100% convinced it's working though it's now much more functional. Studying the manual and can't make this thing follow leading tempo no matter what I do.
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