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How to stop clips from firing in Live
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Author How to stop clips from firing in Live
Hey Guys, sorry if this is kind of noobish but I used Live for a while now and have not encountered this before:

I have this problem in live where all clips start playing when I launch 1 clip. I've tried spreading the clips to different scenes but still the same behaviour.

It seems as if the clips are somehow grouped so they all launch together

any thoughts on this?
Can you toggle clips on/off?
Select a clip and press "0" to toggle it on and off.

Do you have any clips in the Arrangement window?
Welcome to Ableton land waah As far as I know every time you press play BOTH Arrangement and Session will start playing together and the only way to avoid this is to select and deactivate the clips you don't want playing....or delete them. seriously, i just don't get it
Are you launching them from a hardware controller? Even clips in the same track start playing?
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