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a Diy S-Trig to V-Trig that works!
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Author a Diy S-Trig to V-Trig that works!
Hello All!

Got my hands on a Roland Juno 6 and Korg KR-55 and discovered that the trigger output from the Korg was the opposite of the what the Juno 6 needs, so I set about looking for DIY solutions to convert the S-Trig to V-Trig.

few results came up and none of them had any confirmation they worked... I tried one from a page and nothing happened... damn!

After a bit more research I came across a page about the TR707 trigger output, and how the internal triggers in the 707 are actually S-Trig and the Rim Trigger output is converter to V-trig! It was a very simple circuit and I figured it would be perfect.

I drew up a schematic, incorporated a voltage divider to step a 9v battery down to approx 5v+ and vero boarded it.

YES! it works FANTASTIC!

So... i figured id share the schematic so future DIYer's can have a working solution to this problem.

I built mine into a small plastic box and used a stereo input jack so i can disconnect the 9v battery's Negative by unplugging the jack (much like a Pedal).
Here is the Schematic.
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