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ES-8 + Saffire Pro 40 Popping / Drifting Output
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Author ES-8 + Saffire Pro 40 Popping / Drifting Output
Hello All,

I am using my es-8 as an adat device with my saffire pro 40 but having sever adat issues:

When I use the saffire as my clock source, I get relatively consistent pops and clicks on the es-8 inputs

when i set the es-8 as the clock source, I get drifting / oscillating outputs on the es-8 and still occasionally dropouts and clicks----hte output oscillations do weird things like start at 8 and gradually works up to 7 6 5 etc even when I've reset the computer and haven't logged in yet. It doesnt seem to do it unless the es-8 has it's adat in connected

any suggestions? i've played with buffer size, which device is master, all different possible bit configurations, updating drivers, etc!
Do you mean the ES-8 is being used standalone, without a USB connection?

Do you have both ADAT cables connected between the ES-8 and Saffire, or just one (in which case, which?)?
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