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CocktailDrumKit+Modular and BassPlayer+3newSoloVids added
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Author CocktailDrumKit+Modular and BassPlayer+3newSoloVids added
Here are 4 excerpts taken from a meetup about ableton live hosted by my friend (bass player in vids) here in Montreal.

4 homemade trigs (kick, snare, hats and tom) are piped in my modular to trig different modules (BIA, Plonk, Bishop Miscellany(Pluck) , eg’s etc... ). All played on a cocktail drum kit. The Bass player is affecting his bass in Ableton live and sending midi clock, midi and gates infos (JamOrigin's BassToMidi plugin) to my BSP (on rec and mute on channel 1) who then translates the midi informations to clock and control voltages so I can "play his notes but with my trigs, in this case : the tom. An Ad Hoc connection was created on the Bassist's laptop; my recording laptop and my old and trusty iPhone 5s (who is running Air Metronome that is monitored in my WMD Performance mixer.) where slaved to that connection.

Difficult to play drums and wiggling at the same time but I’m getting the hang of it... Next step, play drums while patching...
Never boring... At least for me thumbs up

Here are my 2 racks that I used for this live performance:

What do you Wigglerz think?
Do you find this interesting or should I stop making this nonsense?
For me, it's really great to see a modular as part of a "trio" instead of just by itself, it's a very interesting area that doesn't (at least from what I've seen) get a lot of traffic.
I think the idea of tying performance elements together with the modular via triggers is really cool - I liked what you did with embellishing drums with modular "strikes". I also think it would be interesting to see something like hitting a directional gate on a Rene or whatever to move a running sequence from phrase to phrase when hitting a particular trigger. That way you could start and end a fill, say, with a hit on a particular drum/block/bell, and have an ongoing sequence on the modular also "play a fill" with you. Enjoyable performances all around, thanks for sharing!
Thanx for your insights! Sometimes (not in those vids) I’m using my 2hp Burst for fills.

I don’t have rené but I do make advance my seq (Bishop Miscellani) with my hats and I reset it with a drum pad.

Looking forward to try some of your ideas.
Here are 3 vids from another session at home with acoustic drums and modulars has sounds sources:
Video processing programmed in the Magic Music Visuals app for vids reacting to sounds:

Same modular setup has the first 4 videos posted here...

I hope that your eyes won’t bleed MY ASS IS BLEEDING Guinness ftw!
Just received the Livestock Electronics Maze Routing Matrix

I will use it mainly to route modulations around my rack...
Really enjoying the videos. Keep them coming.
Thanx man!! Guinness ftw!
Nice! I'm just starting to piece together something similar.
I play the bass and I just picked up a jazz kit to get my drumming back up to par. I'm using soft synths now but hope to pick up some hardware after I buy some mics for the drums.
Can you give some info on your house made triggers?
I save some piezos on my wish list but I haven't worked out the logistics on how/where to secure them and the path from the triggers to my DAW.

Looking forward to more music and videos!
My home made triggers are just normal piezo discs 077YJ3H6R Soldered to a normal cable with a 3.5 female connector. I have put some Sugru iAAEgKNKfD_BwE
on the piezo and the wires to secure it all.

The piezos are taped on drum heads and I have drilled a hole in my bottom hats to pass the wire and I have secured the piezo between two pieces of hot glued velcros on my top hats.

These piezos don’t spit out enough voltages so each piezos outputs goes in each a CTACT tile from Pulp Logic
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