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Resolution: Project DIY 1176
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Author Resolution: Project DIY 1176
$CAD's descent +
Getting good converters +
Getting obsessed with sound quality +
Iron sounds good on some things =

I am going to build a pair of the Gyraf Rev F 1176s.

I've done a bit of diy before, and I know how to use a soldering iron, provided I'm not hopped up on coffee.

I'm going to make a project page on my googlepages I think...updates to come in a few weeks when the parts arrive.
Sweeeet! w00t
funny, I only learned recently that Gyraf were a big thing abroad, too! Go Danish design, ftw, ftw!

This studio I have access to has both the X and the XIVs, as well as a stack of API format stuff.... Sometimes I wish I was more of an audiophile!

Keep us posted!
Andreas - proud Dane just now smile
I have a half-finished single mono Gyraf 1176 sitting on my desk right now. Just needs two trimpots and a 2U case, then it's time for wiring, troubleshooting & calibration...
I built one, it sounds awesome. Tough project, though. I built one from the ground up and abandoned it. The second one I built didn't work either, I needed to take it to someone to help me complete it. But I use it on every recording.
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