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Class notes
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Author Class notes
Perhaps this is better?

I'm going through and cleaning up the artwork. I have much better drawing tools than were available in the 80s.

I'm also looking for things I may have overlooked. I would appreciate any suggestions. (See the outline I presented earlier). If I'm going to ask for money, i want to make sure it is a quality product. (I have a shelf full of the other kind of synthesis books.) My approach is very general, but perhaps I should add something more specific.
Pelsea wrote:
In addition, I have lecture notes and handouts from 33 year of teaching electronic music at UCSC.

Now I'm wishing I had taken your class when I went through UCSC back in the early 90s. I played guitar in the jazz ensemble, but otherwise did not interact with the music department. My loss....
Pelsea wrote:
PhineasFreak wrote:
personally i think that diagram is an absolute nightmare - if i didnt already know every single thing youre saying i'd be totally confused. it reads to me like youre talking to people who already understand the material...

You mean this one?

Well, it’s not out of the blue— there is an earlier page that discusses waveforms, and one even earlier that introduces oscillographs. I made that particular drawing with MacDraw, which is why it uses a pulse wave. (You couldn’t draw a sine curve in MacDraw.) Maybe I should redo it with something more modern? (I'm going to have to redo it anyway-- blown up to this size, I see that the drawings have lost their alignment somehow.)

Or is it the lack of units that is bothering you? It’s just a sketch I used to make on a whiteboard.

sorry to take so long to reply - i've been having illness and technical difficulties...

the digram(s) i was referring to are the module faceplates with ins n outs etc - just circles on a rectangle etc.
Ah, got it. A student going through these notes would have been sitting in front of the Emu modular, and those are the faceplates.

I'm redoing all of the graphics, and I'll see if I can come up with something more informative.
Pelsea wrote:
Ah, got it. A student going through these notes would have been sitting in front of the Emu modular, and those are the faceplates.

I'm redoing all of the graphics, and I'll see if I can come up with something more informative.

something more universal like this style might be helpful - allows for any format and in fact even synths that arent exclusively 100% modular:[/img]

How about this for panels?

I'm using the more or less standard flow chart conventions for the patches.

I first came across this in the ARP 2600 manual, but I've seen some version in just about every manual and text including Wells and Vogel and Strange. I've tried to add some clarity by using a variety of connecting lines and arrows.

Pelsea wrote:
How about this for panels?

Rex Coil 7 wrote:
Pelsea wrote:
I guess the joke is lost on this generation. You have to remember where I was teaching, Santa Cruz California, about halfway between Esalen and Haight-Ashbury.

I’ll post something more representative later this evening.
It's not lost on me! I'm 57, spent the first 12 years of my life (1960 to 1972) in the Bay Area ... San Jose, Fremont, Hayward, San Leandro, Napa/Lake Berryessa, Sacramento, Santa Clara. We used to go see the hippies that were hangin' out at Haight-Ashbury. I clearly remember the coloring books that the Black Panthers were publishing and handing out to grade school kids.

Those coloring books were actually produced and distributed by the FBI as a part of Cointelpro but that's a different story.

Back on topic - I'd definitely be down for a PDF or hardcopy. I'm teaching a friend some basic synthesis and while I'm a pretty good teacher in my area of expertise (theatre/performance art) I'm still pretty lousy at teaching synthesis so this would be super useful.
It’s not dead. In fact it’s pretty much finished. A few trusted eyes are looking it over to keep me from embarrassing myself, but it should go to print later in the week.

It will be a spiral bound paperback from About $20 for 110 pages.
First time hearing abour this but looking forwards to ordering a copy applause
Awesome! Looking forward to ordering a copy ASAP smile
I'm in - printed or pdf for me
It's finished. 115 pages, large format spiral bound for $20.
Available at The quickest way to find it is search on my last name-- Elsea

I just put it up, so I don't have a proof copy yet, but all the files look right. Consider this a beta version. I'll be happy to entertain suggestions for improving it.

Here's the TOC

The Tao of Signal
A short digression into the world of acoustics
Converting sound into numbers
What does an electronic musician need to know about electronics?

What’s in a Synthesizer
The most likely modules
More modules
Control sources

What To Do With Your Synthesizer
Basic patches
VCA tricks
Filter tricks
Percussion patches
Performance patches
Autonomous patches
Driving autonomous patches
Master control
Two famous patches
Krell music
Entropical Paradise
Final word
Awesome! Purchased!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Ordered on the strength of your probabilistic sample & hold idea over on the generative thread. thumbs up
Thank you for your support.
I just ordered mine — really looking forward to getting it. Thanks SO much for putting in all the work, Peter!
Just ordered my copy and can't wait to dig in. Thank you!
Happened upon this thread this morning on my way to work. Just placed an order for your book. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas.
copy ordered - look forward to the read smile
Ha... just ordered for the first time on

fingers crossed, hope everything goes smooth...
just found out about this; your posts around here made this purchase a no brainer. very much looking forward to prose and pointers. Guinness ftw!
Another order!
Teusa Rass
like Thomas Henry's books I'd like to find on Lulu
a pdf download version, or even better ePub,
1.- put it on my ebook reader, (not Kindle format)
2.- print it out and spiral bind it myself.

I'd pay the equal price for for an epub version like
for a printed, packed, and shipped over the seven seas book.

I feel like it might help saving the future
of us all by producing locally.
The problem with an ePub is this book is heavy on graphics, and the ePub format does not handle graphics well. It’s also not very handy for scribbling notes in the margins.

Lulu has printers in 150 countries (they claim) so the carbon footprint isn’t that bad.

As for pdfs, I’m only hoping to earn enough for a couple of modules before someone scans the book and posts it. No point in doing the hard work for ‘em.
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