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Multi power supply for CL instruments??
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Author Multi power supply for CL instruments??
Hi Just wondering if there is something people are aware of that would provide power to to three CL devices. I've send there are 9v multi power supplies for effect pedals - though it would be very handy if there was something like this in 12v that I could use, especially for live performances. ( sorry if this is obvious.)
I don't have any Ciat-Lonbarde devices and I'm not familiar with their level of current draw or polarity on the power jacks etc but there are several guitar pedal power supplies that can provide 12v DC power.

The Strymon Ojai R30 for instance has two outputs that can be switched to 12v:
My Cioks DC8 has been useful for powering different smaller devices, not tried with Ciat though sorry
I've used a generic 12v 1A wall wart with 4 way daisy chain splitter to power a tetrax, double knot, horndog and LEP multicassa and never had any noise issues from it (nothing digital, short good quality audio cable runs, interconnected 0V sockets - all good)
I had issues with standard 12V, especially with added Coco noise. Then I got a supply from Patch Point and that works fine to power Plumbutter, Sidrax, Coco and a Neunaber Slate.
I've no problem with daisy chaining for at least 3 devices like PB2, coco, and sidrax from single 12v 2A adopter. 9v is insufficient for PB (you don't get full snare sound etc)

Be careful with 9v supplies - most are for guitar pedal and so they're center negative.
TBH Ciat Lonbarde instruments are not known for their low noise floor or stability with reference to power so I would be hesitant to use anything that did not provide separately regulated clean power to each instrument. You are probably better off just finding some 12V supplies that are slim/ mounted at a right angle so that you can easily fit them onto the same power strip.
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