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ES-8 Audio Input Expansion
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Author ES-8 Audio Input Expansion
I must admit, I'm a little confused about the various Expert Sleepers expansion options.

Is it possible for me to expand the number of audio-rate inputs on my ES-8?

Yes, with the ES-6 (and once you have an ES-6, with an ES-7).
Ah, OK. That makes sense.

I was wondering really if there was an expander that could be connected to the ES-8 via an expansion header, so that the extra input channels could be used while the ES-8 was connected to an ADAT host like my MOTO 828 (ie without the USB being connected).

I guess that's not possible, currently.

Indeed not.

For that you would want the ES-3/6/7 combination.
I have a related query. I'm hoping to use the 8 ADAT channels from my MOTU ultralite to expand the inputs on my ES-8. Is that possible?

Currently, via the MOTU config app, I'm routing the 8 analogue inputs on the MOTU directly to the 8 ADAT output channels. (Analog 1 -> ADAT 1, etc.)

However when sending a signal through ADAT 1 into the ES-8, it does not appear at the corresponding ADAT input on the ES-8 (in this case, "input 5", as its labelled in macOS Audio/MIDI setup).

If this can't be done, is the reverse possible, i.e. sending ADAT out from ES-8 into the MOTU?

The goal is to maximize inputs for monitoring multitrack recording. Anyway, thanks!
Do you have both interfaces connected via USB, or is one of them operating standalone?

I take it you have an ADAT cable connecting the MOTU ADAT output to the ES-8 ADAT input?
Hi Andrew, thanks. Right now, both devices are connected via USB.

And yes, MOTU ADAT out -> ES-8 ADAT in

In my device setup, I've tried running them as an aggregate device, and also as 2 separate devices.
That should work. Have you set the ES-8 to sync to the ADAT input?
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