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Polysynths - Wanted - vibe over facts - Experience over spec
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Author Polysynths - Wanted - vibe over facts - Experience over spec
Yeah, PG-800 feels cramped sitting on the big JX-10 panel zombie
Note that JX-10 will open up with any sw or hw MIDI controller with firmware 3.x. Version 3.x will aslo give you arps on JX10, but not on the MKS-70 rack version.

PG-1000 with D-550 rack could bring you some JD-800 vibes in a much smaller package. Save the space for A6 or Quantum oops

Figure, have you had the opportunity to play a Jupiter 4? From what I'm reading J4 is the one many people hang on to when selling they're J6.
A whole bunch of Andromeda A6s has shown up on ebay! I wonder why...
Figures wrote:
Wracked with Guilt wrote:

How is OP going wigth the search? Getting closer?

Still looking Guinness ftw!

Polysix is current front runner.

A6 has also peaked my interest.

JD800 has also peaked my interest.

These are both physically large, which is not ideal.

As has Novation Peak.

I always look at the roland options. Jx10 interests me. Played a Jupiter 6 quite intensively and again preferred the juno 6. So 're roland it is Jupiter 8 which is out of price range or jx10 or JD800. JX10 has no front controls which is a down side.

So all in all still pondering.

As I say polysix is leading the way but cant help but feel it's overpriced vs JD800, which is really drawing me. Problem with them is getting a A1 item. Peak still has me on the fence.

I'm curious why you have ignored the suggestion for a System 8, which seems obvious given your apparent love for the Roland sound?
The Peak peaked his/her interest w00t
zaphod betamax
Picking between my Vermona '14, perFOURmer, or Abyss, I'd have to say
the Abyss wins for out of tune vibe, but the '14 wins for tone vibe.
So very subjective!

edit: just ordered another Abyss from Detroit Modular, so let's see how a 8VCO Abyss setup transpires!
My favourite synth for "vibe" is either Studiologic Sledge 2, or Novation Ultranova - I use them both a lot, the Sledge is more a "player's" synth but so easy to tweak the sounds, the Ultranova I just spend ages playing with the arpeggiator and the best non-knob per parameter synth I've ever had to program - doddle to use. The MS2000 was my go to synth when starting a track, it tends to be the Ultranova now...
Honestly never came close to push2 and wavetable in term of sound design possibilities and hands on control.
You get feeback on a nice screen with only the informations you need. And it's pretty fucking deep w00t
Just for the record, the word is "piqued" not "peaked". If you're gonna say it so much in a thread (everyone) at least use the right word!

Anyway, I've had most of the cheaper synths mentioned in this thread including:

Prophet 6, polysix, JD-800, D-50, Juno 6,60,106, JX-3P, 8P and MKS 70 (jx10), and about fifty more beside...

My favourites are JX-3P (with kiwi mod) yeah I prefer it to the Junos, Juno 60, polysix, JD800. I love Roland . I don't however like much about the 8p or 10/mks70. Crap filters, plastic sound. JX3P is so much nicer regardless of features (even non kiwi modded). JD800 sounds nicer than 8p too even though digital (great great filter).

Between polysix and JD 800, Ive had two of each. JD is gorgeous , polysix has bags of charm and very analogue sounding! But limited.

I think JD800 is the much better synth for creative and beautiful sounds, much better filter than D50 , great interface! Polysix is good but understand it's a simple synth like Junos and to have two like that is a bit overkill! They sound different but both get samey after a while.
You know how it is when you’re waiting for a package to arrive and it’s sure to be inspiring, and look cool as hell too?!
Modor fm-1 coming this week. w00t
Thinking combined w Ambika there’s some poly vibe pending.
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