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Complete IFM module set vs. Plumbutter?
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Author Complete IFM module set vs. Plumbutter?
Hey there,
I am looking to add some more experimental sounds to my studio and am currently leaning towards either a Plumbutter or the full IFM module set. The IFM set would make more sense in my studio as I don't have any banana gear, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the sound potential, especially as it relates to Plumbutter.

What I like in the Plumbutter is the chaotic nature of the drums and drones, but also the fact that it can be tamed to more "traditional" sounds if need be. In other words, the sound palette seems pretty massive between the drums and drama. I know the IFM set of modules shares little functionality with PB, but I'm interested to know if they can cover a similar range of sound and address "drums and drama".

Most IFM module demos I've heard have highlighted the crazy chaos they are able to achieve with FM modulation and whatnot, but I haven't heard demos where they are being used for rhythm duty or as a more traditional voice of sorts.

For those that own the full set, how useful do you find them to be outside of crazy FM noise duties? I am hoping they can be manipulated to do rhythm, drones, and a bit of everything in between, but with some IFM flavor if that makes sense.

FWIW, I do own a IFM Dunst and really like it, especially in the clever dual-VCA design.
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