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Phil Jones P-1
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Author Phil Jones P-1
Woot Woot! hyper
I just bought a Phil Jones P-1 preamp for a bargain.
It should play nicely with my upright bass. I'm so stoked!
It is reportedly very clean sounding, with a very nice (albeit simple)compressor, parametric eq, and graphic eq.
It should prove useful for recording, and if I ever get around to buying a power amp and a speaker cab it should make for a very powerful live rig.

Does anyone use their bass amp for microphones, keys, and modulars?
I imagine the active bass input is still not expecting enough juice to match up to modular signals.
Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to consider a reamp or one of those PCP Little Labs gizmos to match up impedances.
In the meantime attenuation should suffice for those purposes.
i've used my swr workingman's 15 with all of the above. i always use the active/passive input though. never tried the active input with anything other than my electric basses.
that's cool!

does your upright have pickups?

i've been playing electric bass a lot myself recently (will post about it later).

i use that little fender champ you saw when you came over for bass sometimes, you have to be really careful with levels or it farts out, but it has a great vintage sound and it's nice to mic it up in combination with a d.i. signal for recording.
does your upright have pickups?

I use an Upton Revolution Solo II in the wing of the bass side of the bridge.
I use a ceramic EPM piezo behind the fingerboard.
When I have it strung with steel I use a handwound magnetic pickup that sticks to the end of the fingerboard with industrial velcro.
Right now it is strung with Olive colored, Kevlar-core Nylon.
If I want to mic it up I'll use a pair of binaurals.

I really want a boundary mic to aid in recording this.

I'll probably use the Phil Jones with the Rev. Solo, or the handmade magnetic the most.
I also use a Boss Bass Parametric EQ,
and a SSB-2 Soundshaper Preamp (with LCD display).

The EPM has a noticeably short frequency response and buzzy piezo sound when not properly impedance matched.
The SSB-2 dramatically corrects this, and allows you to dial in just the right of EQ for the fingerboard slaps.
It even has memory!
i've been trying to figure out which pickup to use on my upright for years. right now, i have a david gage realist pickup. it's ok, but it could be better. i also use an audio technica clip on mic sometimes. i need to get a two channel mixer and blend the two signals. then i'd get the warmth of the mic and the volume of the pickup. anybody tried this?
The P-1 arrived today! w00t
It has incredible build quality.
It sounds pretty damn great on guitar too.
The sound is so clean and detailed that I'll have to get less sloppy in my playing.
I don't notice ANY noise being added by the limiter/compressor.
The whole thing seems very transparent and very flexible...
aahhh honeymoon.
I've been very intrigued about P1 at some point, being a sunday bassist and wanting to have sort of all in one preamp / comp / practise amp box to lug around... It's not on the top of my shopping list unless I manage to find one used in EU at good price, and I might DIY some stuff at some point, but it definitely seems like a cool package!

I'd be grateful about any further comments and impressions once you use it a bit more.

Edit: Damn, I was actually thinking about the Bass Buddy micro preamp, but I'd still be interested in how P1 performs!
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