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Clocking issues between sequencers (Tuesday and RandomRhythm
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Author Clocking issues between sequencers (Tuesday and RandomRhythm
I just recently picked up a TINRS Tuesday and a Vermona RandomRhythm because I have no control over impulse buying, and am having clocking/sync issues with both of them.

For the RR, it seems to sync to a master clock (either from a Beatstep Pro or Varigate 8+), until the master clock gets below ~120bpm, at which point the RR randomly increases clock speed. I've even tried it with a square output from a LFO. I can't find anything in the user manual that would address this. But even when it's seemingly slaved to an external clock, it seems like it lags by a 16th note or less.

The Tuesday is even funkier. I've set the master clock in the Tuesday to 1:1, but it does the same thing on all settings (1:1, 1:2, 16 ppqn, 24 ppqn). If I use the clock out to sync another sequencer, that other sequencer gets clocked at a super high rate, but also will lag and get stuck on a note for a moment. It does this to both the Varigate and the BSP. If I slave it to another sequencer, with the internal clock divider set to 1:1, I get a slow, random output from the Tuesday. Video here: I've tried this with all master clock settings on the Tuesday, and it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Considering I'm the common denominator, I'm guessing the modules are fine and I'm being a bonehead. Especially since searches for similar problems with either module comes up blank. But I can't figure out what could be going on. Anyone here have any suggestions?

I figure I'd update since I found the culprit.

I have an Audio Damage Aeverb mk2 that's always given me problems unless I use it with a WMD soft start module. I transferred that setup from my fully-packed Mantis to my bigger rack, which apparently wasn't necessary. After removing the soft start module and plugging the Aeverb directly in, all weirdness stopped.

There are at times some sync issues (like the clocks being a half of a 16th note off) which I'm guessing it up to user error.

Happy days.
I‘m having the same exact problem you described with Tuesday.

I cannot figure out how to clock this thing externally, let alone use its clock output with other modules. It usually ends up being the master clock, out of necessity, with the „Tick“ output sending a clock to other modules. I perceive the Ticks as 4ppqn and can work with that.
It‘s a less than ideal workaround and I‘d really like to know how to be more flexible with Tuesday.

Unfortunately I do not understand your solution.
Could you elaborat or rephrase, please?
So, changing the tempo knob doesn't give you different subdivision when using an external clock? hmmm..... I don't have the Tuesday module, but I took a quick glance at the manual:
The tempo knob has two modes. If no external clock is
connected (no cable in the clock jack) then turning the
knob controls the master tempo from 20 up to 240 beats
per minute. If an external clock is connected via a patch
cable into clock jack, then turning the knob controls the
clock subdivision level.

Regarding what jomomobobo said about the Audio Damage Aeverb mk2 and WMD soft start module:
I don't have the Soft Start module but I do have a Aeverb mk2 so I'm familiar with what he is saying, although I have no clue why it made a difference with the clock modules. The Aeverb mk2 doesn't like power supplies where the +12v rail comes on slightly before the -12v rail, like many switching supplies, and will often not function, requiring one or more power cycles to hopefully get it to kick in. meh The WMD soft start was a little device that plugged inbetween the power distribution and the Aeverb mk2 and would slightly delay the +12v rail so that the -12v rail could get to the Aeverb mk2 slightly before or at the same time as the +12v rail. I never tried the soft start because there wasn't room for it in my cramped case but I did a "caveman hack" where I put a toggle switch in the panel to turn the +12v on and off which works great to get the module working without power cycling the whole case.
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