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Modular Techno | Q&A
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Author Modular Techno | Q&A
Hey, wuzza guys. smokin'

Think of delivering a lecture on improvised dance music soon, with Eurorack modules being the primary subject. Some things could be applied to modular live performance in general and other genres (not just techno), because, I mean, music is music, right?

Anyway. There is something that makes modular rigs #1 choice for this particular genre (emphasis on ‘improvised’ since else you could do just as well with elektron machines, which are better suited for recalling the readymade beats), and I'd like to see more people jump aboard and try.

If there is something that's been stopping you: hesitations, setup questions, – you can just go on about it and I'll do my best to give some advice.

Everyone else, just throw your suggestions in: what would you like to hear in a talk like that? Aspects to be covered, which of them you'd say are more or less important?

The basic idea is to provide an overview of what is the bare minimum needed to be able to pull off an okeh show, as far as setup goes, and also cover the subject of how one makes the transitions and keeps it engaging. Module-specific questions and suggestions are welcome; one of the things to mention would be “the new black” modules of late – synth & drum voices. Multi-algorithm modules are really useful in this context, as they could provide for the good timbral variety without taking up all the space.

Basically, this. If you need some more inspiration & insight, be sure to check out these threads & subforums:
Improvised techno (music thread) | Play Out! Performance Modulars.

Thanks! w00t
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