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Probabalistic Gate Combining
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Author Probabalistic Gate Combining
Hey! I have a BSP that I use to trigger drums, and was wondering what options I have to blend in other gate patterns from the modular.

I think I was something like Branches but with 2 ins and 1 out, instead. I know Noise Engineering has something that does this, with 8 ins, 4 outs, but it's all controlled by the same crossfader. I think the other option would be to use AND or MIN logic and probability on one of the gate sources.

Aside from that I am also wondering what would be a good, immediate option for a gate generator to compliment the manual nature of the BSP. I was thinking either a Rook or Zuleric... is there others in that vein I should really consider?

calvinsomething wrote:
Hey! I have a BSP that I use to trigger drums, and was wondering what options I have to blend in other gate patterns from the modular.

If I understand your query correctly, then you have many options for blending gate/trigger patterns together. The logic function that does this is the “OR” function. You’ll be able to find many logic modules on Modulargrid that have this ability. Here’s part of the description of Intellijel’s OR module:
This module allows you to combine different logic source (triggers, gates etc.) into a one logical OR combined output.
Logic modules are the best way to do this but you can also use other utilities such as a VCA to create an AND, with gate inverter for a NAND ( hmmm..... ).
EOC from envelopes like Maths and such for delayed and swung gates, and even a sequencer (with some stages set to zero and some set to max) to create a cycling pattern. thumbs up
You could patch your own.

- Your gate sources to signal inputs of a summing VCA.
- Probabalistic gate source to CV inputs of the VCA.
- The sum out will be a probabilistic mix of your sources.

Dcramer's suggestion of using AND/NAND could be patched in as well to create a deeper relationship between gate patterns.
Logic modules and switched combiners are fine, but I would like to be able to fade between the patterns as the Confundo Funkitus does (hopefully with individual knobs/sliders the way Branches does it).

The AND/MIN option was to send random gates/CV from one source to combine with a BSP pattern to create probability.
Yes, thanks. I will experiment with a VCA to do some AND/NAND stuff. That's a good start.

I am still wondering what other modules are similar to the Confundo Funkitus or Branches that may be good. And rhythm generators to combine.
Not sure about modules for actually fading between gate streams, other than Confundo.

But if you use Branches to control two channels of your summing VCA, you should be able to use it's probability + fading to control the mix present at the Sum output.

Check out
[double post]

this is the part of my rack i use for probably and combining.
Skipper for probability trigs. turing machine for random synced trigs. 2hp for simple 'or' mixing, doepfer logic patching other logic functions. I love how open and patchable the doepfer is. so so many patching possibilities combining different logic types and the inverters too, super fun for experimenting and happy accidents.
Okay... so skipper does just that? Based on probability it skips gate signals?

If that's the case then a pattern into that, then into an OR would do exactly what I want.
Yep, 0 to 100% chance knob/cv control
Sum your gate streams and some bipolar sample & hold noise in a mixer, feed sum into a comparator.

Adjust levels to probability taste.
ArboriaAuralist wrote:
Sum your gate streams and some bipolar sample & hold noise in a mixer, feed sum into a comparator.

Adjust levels to probability taste.

nice, I was thinking about the noise + comparator idea too. If you mix a bipolar DC offset with the S&H noise, I think you could control probability that way. As you bias the noise high, it will exceed the comparator threshold more often; bias it low and it will do so less often.
Look at NE Integra Funkitus as well as Joranalogue Select 2.
I'd use a sequential switch and feed it random triggers to alternate between sources.
2 ins, 1 out.
Cool suggestions...

I think the Integra Funkitus into OR would be the simplest option to gradually add in another rhythm... although it would take two knobs. But it also gives the option of 100% both signals.

This modular stuff is crazy. Thanks.
calvinsomething wrote:

I think the Integra Funkitus into OR...

Integra Funkitus has a logic mode of its own.

From the manual:
“Logic Mode (L) Modification Knob 1-4
In Logic Mode, the knobs choose which input channels are combined into the similarly numbered output channel. When the knob is fully CCW, the output channel will match the input channel. As the knob is turned the other parts are combined into the output channel. When fully CW, the knob acts as a channel mute.”
But in Logic Mode you don't get the probability. Which is more important to me.

And though it's called "Logic Mode," it seems like it just combines gate: AKA and OR, and you can cycle through which inputs are combined with the corresponding knob.
or you can do it like this:
you need a 2:1 switch (like doepfer a-150)
put gate source 1 into in 1
gate source 2 into in 2
switch out to destination.
put a random signal into the voltage control of the switch.
Verbos Multiple lets you mix gates and triggers. Doesn't create any for you but gates are not hard to come cross. Great cheap way to mix them without need for proper CV mixer.
Cool idea hyena. That's basically exactly what I was originally talking about, a reverse Branches.

I was going to get grids and just use an OR to combine with BSP beats... Using the controlled randomness of grids, but I think I will get the integra funkitus... I like the idea of splicing a burst generator to 2 channels of the IF and ratchet two different voices with probability so they don't come out the same and I get a double fill out of it.

Or just combining many patterns with probability and into an OR so the important beats are more likely to land.. crank up the probability for fills.

I guess the target really was fills for the most part.
Speaking of Noise Engineering, have you checked out the Extra Mullet? Pretty fun module for combining trigger sources, but maybe not exactly in the way you’re wanting.

For switching in more patterns for fills, maybe something like the WMD sequential switch matrix or the 4ms VCA matrix would work? Also, those are two super deep modules that could lead to other uses as well.......

I don’t have either one but I wonder if there’s a way to trigger different presets on the SSM. That would you could use branches or another probability source to trigger different combinations of trigger channels.
noise engineering confundo funkitus
mutable branches
clock dividers/multipliers
sequential switches
logic modules
gate delays

a combination of the above can manipulate gates/triggers endlessly
Is the Addac 504 probabilistic generator another option ?
Rebel Tech Mix 04 is a mini VCA 4x4 matrix and can be used to combine anything in a faded in/ out way - just depends what you send it and how you control. Very cool and small footprint.

If you want controls over it built then the 4ms VCA Matriz does that but much bigger.
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