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mBrane from Michigan Synth Works (6HP Yarns)
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Author mBrane from Michigan Synth Works (6HP Yarns)
Footkerchief -yarns

I'm a longtime Yarns fan, and getting the same capability in 6HP is intriguing.

Anybody using it? I'm especially curious about the quality of the encoder and buttons.
I've got one sitting ready to be built on my workbench.

Cant offer comment on actual usage, but what I can say at this stage is the Encoder will be the same as on the full size Yarns, and the buttons are the same kind used on Clouds for switching modes / loading saving files.....
Future Aztec
I just received the MBrane midi interface module by Michigan Synthworks. First impression: The green LED screen has a nice soft glow, the encoder and buttons feel good. The finish on the face plate has some shine but not too much (black).

I have never used Yarns and I am just getting into the programs. However, just flipping around I managed to get my elektron Analog 4 to send midi start/stop messages and notes. So I used the Arp + Euclid settings to create a pattern, then only have it play when I start the seq on the A4. Very nice.

I was hoping this would be a thread with lots of information, so maybe I'll put down a couple of dumb questions.

1. There are oscillators in there. But what sort of approach(es) can be taken to control the pitch, since pitch comes in through midi.

2. On the box it says "firmware: stock Yarns." Are there other firmwares?

3. Why is it called mBrane? This seems to evoke the idea of membrane type synthesis techniques.

I like the idea where you love your synths and every little detail you learn over the years is dear. So, I am not in a huge rush to know everything. However, I would appreciate some direction on good resources other than the Mutable Instruments quick start guide for Yarns.
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