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Eurorack power question
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Author Eurorack power question
Hi there im new to eurorack coming from fl studio and recently got an analog four, I have a 0 coast, maths, akemie's Castle and clouds coming soon, what is the best reasonably priced way to power and house the modules? Any help would be much appreciated smile also is there any need for a pamelas new workout with the maths? Or are they both useful in the setup iv described? Any suggestions for future modules that pair well? Thanks
The most affordable power solution is the uZeus kit from Tiptop will cost only about ~$100. It is not a particularly good power supply, but it'll do for a small rig.

You can get a small eurorack box from a number of places.
Moog makes a 60HP and 104HP metal case that are inexpensive. Also about $100. In that sense it's cheap enough that it won't hurt too bad when you outgrow it.

OCoast doesn't really mount into eurorack all that nicely, so beware.

Pam's workout can do a ton of different things, and it would free up your Maths for more interesting duties than LFO. Personally I don't have either of those modules tho both are very popular.

Things you may want to consider: sequencer or controller for pitch, headphone out, VCA/Mixer
Yes Powder
Dunno if I can recommend a cheap power supply. You'd be surprised how quickly you'll outgrow it and need a new one, and end up spending more than you would have if you'd just gotten a decent power supply to begin.
I'd recommend biting the bullet and going for a Doepfer LC-6. Will give you plenty of room to grow, and has a power supply strong enough that you're unlikely to bump your head— unless you really like modules with tubes.
I wouldn't bother mounting the 0Coast, either. A lot of people just starting out like to do it probably because they like the idea of their whole setup being a self-contained unit with a single power cord, but it's really more trouble than it's worth and you'll soon find you think it's taking up space where you could be putting more modules. Just get some long patch cables and keep it close enough to your rack that they can reach.

As for modules, get some VCAs. The Bastl Quattro Figaro is a small quad-vca that has some brilliant internal normaling schemes that let you use it as a bunch of different things.

A Pam's New Workout would be a good buy, especially with the Maths. Maths is a way too versatile module to be used as an LFO or AD/ASD all the time.

I'm assuming you'd be doing most of your controlling of your setup with the Analog Four or 0Coast? A sequencer of some kind would be a good investment too— even a small four-step one would open up a lot of musical possibilities.
Nightly Closures
Welcome to this wonderful resource. Try the search function and read the stickies. There’s a world of information waiting for you. You also might want to setup a modulargrid account. It’s a great way to plan your rack and check your power specs. Good luck!
tiptop mantis is great value for money too!!

and has decent enough power - 20hp bigger than the doepfer lc6 too

also the bastl marton 6u case - small 72hp - but relatively cheap and power was great for me - it will remain to be seen if it still is when the intended video modules go in, though
Welcome, Diskette. Guinness ftw!

Difficult to know when you're starting out what size of system's going to feel right for you. Some are happy with 84hp or less. Others have monster cases.

For my part I started with a Mantis, and when I filled it I bought another. When I filled that I bought a HEK as a steeping stone to building my own case because, after over a year, I'm just starting to get an idea of the size of system that's going to feel right for me.

There's no right or wrong answers, but you'll have fun finding out. It's peanut butter jelly time!
Yes Powder wrote:
Dunno if I can recommend a cheap power supply. You'd be surprised how quickly you'll outgrow it and need a new one, and end up spending more than you would have if you'd just gotten a decent power supply to begin.

This, especially if you're planning on going further with your Eurorack journey. Most do. I spent probably $1000 on a series of inexpensive power supplies and rack solutions before I decided to get a proper setup. It adds up surprisingly quickly, and that money could go towards a better rack/power system. Look at it this way - you've spent good money on some excellent modules. Now you need to protect them and give them well-conditioned power.
As has also been pointed out in this thread, there are tons of threads on this topic - search around.
Thanks for the replys guys, looking forward to getting involved in this community, everyone seems friendly! I went for a used powered 88hp case on ebay, guess we'll see if that was a mistake in the long run! A few recommendations for sequencers here, I may just go for an sq1 in the short term? Not much left in the wallet after the modules and case... hihi
The SQ-1 goes great with the 0-Coast, and it's nice in that they're both relatively portable in case you want to bleep bloop abroad.
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