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Moving from Analog to Digital Recording
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Author Moving from Analog to Digital Recording
Hello all,

Believe it or not I have never used a computer program to record anything other than mixdowns from tape. My current setup is a Tascam 1516, TSR-8, and a small rack of outboard gear, recording synth punk with analog and digital synths. BUT I'm finding recently that the hassle involved with tape machines/analog recording (bulky, limited tracks, setup and set down time, maintenance time and expense) have been keeping me away from just sitting down and banging out a track. I have less time than I used to and so setting everything up just to work on something for a few hours makes me not want to do it all.

SO I've been looking at using a DAW (gasp!) so I can just sit down and throw on an overdub when I have some spare time but I'm pretty lost. I downloaded an Ableton trial. I get the basic concept, sure. But there are a lot of things I feel like I'm missing.

How do you deal with latency on overdubs? Is latency still noticeable if you're using a firewire mixer like the Allen & Heath Zed R16 (still definitely not going to stray from an actual mixing desk).

Would I be better off starting with an apogee unit??

Anyone have any general tips or guidance from someone trying to move form analog to digital??
I use logic pro 8 for midi, and scratch audio record( ITB + OTB).
Often use Mixbus4 for record and mastering.
Also use yamaha aw 2816 for record from SuperCollider/PureData, and back thru Digi002rack into logic/mixbus.
It's a big topic and the choices depend how you want to work.
-PC as tape recorder or used for mixing, plug-ins, MIDI as well?
-Do you want to track everything in one go or do you see yourself overdubbing one sound at a time?
-Compose on hardware or compose 'inside the mix' through sequencing, edit/arranging and automation?
-Simplicity or options, or a mix of both?

System latency depends on your computer system, audio hardware, and particularly your OS settings and drivers. Some systems can go down to very low latencies of 7ms or less, but a certain amount is inevitable. How big of an issue that causes you depends on your answers above.

In my system I use a fast desktop PC with Reaper, and an RME PCI interface. I use an external mixer and hardware for tracking and submixing, but the final mix is done in Reaper itself with minimal use of plug-ins, because the automation and internal routing capabilities are simply too useful and creatively powerful to overlook.

It took me a long time experimenting with many different setups to arrive at my current solution but I finally feel I have 'come home' to a setup that works for me with minimal fighting with technology.
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