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pro fire 2626 dc or ac
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Author pro fire 2626 dc or ac
am trying to figure out if my pro fire 2626 is ac or dc coupled
cant get mine to work with the ES1+cubase5, i suspect it might be the dsp mixer thats messing things up sad banana am trying to calibrate a E340
Simple test:
- connect the interface directly to the E340 (or any other VCO), not via the ES-1
- load up Silent Way DC, and direct its output to the interface
- wiggle the plug-in's "Out" knob.

This should affect the VCO's pitch. If the pitch holds steady when you stop moving the knob, the interface is DC-coupled. If the pitch gradually drops down to the 0V pitch, the interface is AC-coupled.
ok i did that, now i know my interfate is ac coupled.

i have a ac encoder sennding bipolar signal to the ES-1-->e340 i can hear the pitch go up and down when i increase or decrease the min out knob.

ok now, i still cant get this baby to calibrate using voicecontroler and your cubase 5.5 tutorial, i folloewed it step by step but no luck.

also i cant seem to trigger my MFB dual adsr, i have to manualy turn up the gain on the vca to hear the vco. is cubase 5 any different from the 5.5 update ? could this be one of the reasons i cant get it to work.
Cubase 5 is the same, I think. What part of the calibration is failing?

How have you routed the voice controller through the ac encoder? Remember the ac encoder is stereo, so you either need the voice controller on a stereo track, or somehow route the 5.1 track via stereo busses.
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