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Cynthia faceplates found, not sure what to do with them....
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Author Cynthia faceplates found, not sure what to do with them....
I'm a euroack guy, but I got hold of several unused Cynthia face-plates that are 9" tall (just under 23cm tall). I believe these are for MOTM format. (?)
(EDIT: these are Modcan A format)

They are several years old, black, and most are protected with a plastic film. (new-old stock)
This not a "want-to-sell" post. (yet)
First, I want to know if there is a source that sells empty PCBs (DIY) for these face-plates.... maybe I will give it a go...and build a small Modcan format unit. ??.... (or even just the schematics)

(list, several of each:)
Filthy Filter
VC Tanpura
Four Transients
Dual Sawtooth Animator
Multi Ladder Filter
Zero Oscillator
Unary Processor
Rythmic Divider
Anything Module
FT Expander
Macintosh G4
Universal Generator
Four Filters
Prime Divider

(pics to follow)
Looks like MU (Moog Unit/.com) format.
Are you sure those aren't Modcan A?
Maybe it is another format ?
How can I tell ?

Hole size (input/output is 5/16 inch (0.3125)

Modulargrid lists this, as Modcan A
It is definitely modcan a
See here:
ModularGrid Modcan A
Cynthia used to sell Modcan A & MOTM formats - not so sure about MU, but that's not to say she didn't

Some of those are going to be CGS (CatGirlSynth) designs by Ken Stone and the PCBs are still available

Yes she did do MU, but these do look to be Modcan

Wayback Machine has some pretty good archives of circa 2006/2007 by the looks of it 80/modules.cfm
Those are MODCAN A format. Tad taller than 5U. Most of cythia's builds were Cat Girl (cgs) derived, so you could look in that direction. The zero and mac builds would be impossible. Good luck!
Ooh stereo!!!!
Thanks for the good info.
My research goes on... This is fun!
Cynthia stuff usually has the electronics designer's name down on the bottom. So in that first pic most of it is Barton stuff. I also see a panel for a Encore Electronics Universal Event Generator -

Some of that stuff may be of some interest to DIYer's, but maybe not - not many modcan A systems out there. Although, I'd suppose the few that exist might want some additions.

That macintosh G4 idea she had was kind of a pie in the sky thing - a kind of alright idea, but not really well implemented. I wonder if she actually sold any of them.
I always thought the G4 panel was a joke, funny to see it here in a photo
heh well if you do decide to sell i could use a couple of those "blank" panels to fill the gaps in my modcan A system.
Most interesting is the Zeroscillator panel.

But given the age of the design and the # of PC boards (4, I believe) involved and reported problems...I wouldn't consider building this as a diy project, unless there were full docs and etched boards. ....(doubt I'd find any anyways, I don't think it was ever sold as a DIY kit)
Are there pics involved ? ( programmed IC's)

A Rubicon would be a better modern alternative.....without the hassle.
Yeah, not many A systems. I personally would love a universal generator. If you start selling panels I am in....
Universal Event Generator... manual (no schems)
Check with Tony (at Encore) but those UEG panels might have been designed as a drop in replacement for the MOTM version - so they might still be useful
Cat Girl Synth +
DUDE!!!!!! Guinness ftw!
Where did you get those things? Was there an unpaid storage unit auction?
SynthBaron wrote:
Where did you get those things? Was there an unpaid storage unit auction?

From an electronic surplus store.... near Burbank, CA
This would've been a great episode of American Pickers, in about 10 years time.

Enjoy the show!
I think they were being sold as aluminum scrap.
I rescued them.

At the very least, I could flip-them-around.... using them as DIY knob and switch plates, with the printing not involved...... for test plates for DIY..
They look like photo anodized aluminum, and the protective plastic and professional punching looks like stuff I've seen from Metalphoto of Cincinnati. I suppose we can only guess how they ended up in a surplus shop. Half the panels seem to be from unreleased products. Wonder if any other parts or equipment from Cyndustries ended up for sale there.
Here's a few ideas:

- Make an altar with them. Light some candles and pray to the modular goddesses. Offer your hardwired synths in sacrifice.

- Use them as christmas tree decorations. Coolest tree ever!

- Use them as domino tiles, where you can connect tiles by aligning their jacks. You've just invented a new table game for modular freaks! Too bad those panels can't stand by themselves or you could also make a cool domino line, topple it, and film the whole thing.
Its a bit interesting because some of the these modules never went into production as far as I know. Or did the 4-filters entered the market?

I have never seen a finished module as far as I know.
Need one of those UEG panels for a build.
Is the OP still around?
megaohm wrote:
Need one of those UEG panels for a build.
Is the OP still around?

I pmd OP a few weeks ago as i need a couple of panels to fill case gaps but i got no response. seriously, i just don't get it
Looks like he last logged in yesterday, but possibly doesn't want to get drawn into the mire of one off panel sales.

However they are important bits of hardware to the right people. Maybe if someone were to step in and offer to buy a huge chunk of the collection - that would make things easier - Synthcube ? Modular Addict ? Elby ?!

Edit: And I'm going to say it - I don't think there's any shame in turning a little profit from a barn find
Modcan A...

All that could have been...

All these pieces
And promises
And left-behinds
If only I could see
In my nothing
You meant everything
Everything to me
Ulven, nice! You've inspired a psuedo-Haiku (poetry is all we have left):

Stuck between two worlds
5U!? But with bananas...
West Coast!? You're too tall (and look like you're dressed up in a tuxedo)
Can't get 'em anyhow
I would be interested in a UEG panel as well!
Very interesting find, may at least some of those make it into finished builds. Guinness ftw!
Be Sandy?
tron23 wrote:
Very interesting find, may at least some of those make it into finished builds. Guinness ftw!

Agreed. It would be great to see them make their way into some systems.

I'm tempted to have a go at making one of the Mac G4 modules if the panels become available. Solely because I'm sure none were ever actually made when Cynthia was in business and it's kind of ridiculous even to try!
Hi: I ran across this thread looking for something else, and was wondering what you wound up doing with these faceplates. I have an interest in a couple of them for DIY projects, assuming you still have them, and would be willing to part with them. Please let me know (I'm sure other have PMed as well!). Cheers, Jim Stewart
Filthy Filter is a Blacet design. VC Tanpura is for a circuit-bent Indian electronic drone instrument, i believe this model: concert-3-yr-warranty-no-158/, with some of the controls replaced w/ vactrols
There are a few faceplates up on Ebay right now. Don't now if they are from this collection though.
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