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A good fuzz pedal for under $200
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Author A good fuzz pedal for under $200
Looking for a fuzz effect that is not going to completely destroy my sound...nothing against those but I'm looking for something to run one of my Nord Rack 3's outputs into...something that makes it all fuzzy and static-filled but still usable. What would you recommend for this under $200?
pigtronix polysaturator for more traditional fuzz/distortion.

WMD Geiger counter if you can swing a little more and want some huge tonal range.
Sorry to be spammy, but i've been thinking about selling my geiger counter, it does everything from warm overdrive to the most fucked up fuzz you can imagine.
The Zvex Mastotron is great with synths.
our very own haikuish may be able to build you a beautiful germanium fuzz face with NOS parts for less than that. i am very happy with mine!
Just me
Since Fuzz and distortion are SOOO subjective, I suggest you go to a music store and just try a bunch of them. I have some $50 units that work very well.
Yeah fuzz is incredibly subjective, arguably all distortion is, but I could confidently recommend almost anything made by Devi Ever.
Chuck E. Jesus
lots of kit options here:
If you like big muff sounds, and can score any screddy clones, go for it.

I have a mayo and it is the best muff I've heard, but pretty much everything skreddy makes is great - he knows subtleties in that circuit pretty well!
I second the Mastotron. It gets a lot of flack from being a mass produced Zvex effect but I've owned it as well as 2 Fuzz Factories and guess which one I still have?
Babaluma wrote:
our very own haikuish may be able to build you a beautiful germanium fuzz face with NOS parts for less than that. i am very happy with mine!

hi Babaluma Rockin' Banana! !
Well I already made this video...

So yeah I've got the Geiger Counter
But I'm going to do what you guys suggest and just listen to a ton of sound clips so I can go after what I think will work but I'm definitely going to check out the ones you have listed!!

Malekko Fuzz? Cheap!
Well alot of you suggested the Zvex Mastotron but I can't find any videos or samples of it with an actual synth. Anybody know where I can hear this with a synth going through it? Thanks!!
Or what do you think of the spectacular aenima? It seems that one makes a fuzzy and static sound that seems to be what I'm looking for. I basically want crackly sound that sounds like a radio station not tuned in quite right...just like a vintage fuzzy signal.
And yeah...taking it back quite a bit but the ending part of Elecktrobank from the Chemical Brothers...that's fuzz right? The whole distorted fuzzy sound and those explosions.
For the past several years I've been using the Sanford and Sonny Blue Beard Fuzz. I was working at a music store around the D.C. area and found out that one of my co-workers made these things. He named a bunch of bands that use is exclusively for their bass but I didn't recognize any of them besides Mastodon.
I've used this fuzz on anything you can imagine: vox, modular, synth, guitar, bass, contact mics, delays, your mom and it keeps the low end if you want it to. I remember someone saying it was a Big Muff clone that had settings that went to 12. It's definitely nothing special to look at. If you need examples of it being used: It's on vox, guitars, bass, synths.

I think its $150 these days.

I've got an old EH / Sovtek Big Muff Pi that I use on synths. A little bit of that goes a long way.
I love my Mellowtone Wolf Computer, but he no longer makes them. Instead, he offers this smaller, simpler version:

And Devi Ever makes just about any flavor of fuzz you could imagine:

There are so many fuzz options available these days that I think you'd be crazy to spend more than $200 unless you're looking for a specific clone or CV inputs or something.
I guess something else I should mention is that I'd like it to be pretty quiet when not in use cause I don't want a steady hum or buzz through my whole song so I'd like a fuzz that doesn't make much noise when it doesn't have a signal.
Again I will say the Mastotron as you can "gate" it with the pulse width knob. You also can beef it up with the sub switch or make it sound thin and ratty if that's what you want.

I'd also say you should look into a Devi Ever Sodameiser. It is a gated fuzz that only gets crazy in the self-oscillation mode or if you move the intensity knob past 3 o'clock. Around 9 O'Clock you can get a "Muffy", though more harmonically rich, sound with decent sustain and it will gate as soon as you stop playing into it. It can also get ridiculously filthy if you want it to.
I'd agree with the Devi Ever suggestions. She has gone into mass production so her pedals are remarkably cheap for what they are -- highly nuanced distortion pedals, mostly. My personal favorite is the Shoegazer; it's very, very flexible. But if you're into more crackly fuzzes then try her other ones. The TBD is also a very flexible pedal, depending upon your taste.
i've built many many fuzz pedals, and for me, one of the best sounding
is the EH axis fuzz aka Foxey Lady, very easy to use, and it always sound good.
Soda Meiser...that one seems interesting too..

Does this unit has a lot of noise when there's no signal?
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