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Hard Case for 2-Frame - suggestions?
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Author Hard Case for 2-Frame - suggestions?
Anyone have a good solution for Bugs on the go? My current method is wrapping the 2-Frame in a bath towel for extra cushion (and to round out the sharp corners of the case) and then putting it in a large backpack. This works fine although I would like something that provides a bit of protection for the pots, or for longer journeys.

Pelican case seems good:

Maybe someone has found a better/cheaper solution?
I used (and still use) this for a two framer when i take it out and about:

was a £30 jobby from maplin in the uk. Granted I had to remove most of the padding inside but the knob face is protected by foam and i wedge foam around all the edges for cushioning. I'm not throwing it around so it's been fine for me.

Maplin were a rubbish company though, good riddance.
I have a pelican case which I used for my two frames and it's been worth the extra price.
indexofmetals wrote:
I have a pelican case which I used for my two frames and it's been worth the extra price.

Which size case fits two frames nicely? and is there space for power, cables, etc?
my case for the bug frames is back in the UK but i've got the peli air 1555 for some smaller custom boxes that fit two frames worth and it's just about the same size but a bit lighter.
Thanks for the input. Chris's case looks pretty adequate to me.

For whatever reason, I clicked the Pelican Air promo vid and it made me smile to think of all the various military / extreme outdoors / industrial people carrying Pelican cases with SynthVoices inside. They do look top quality though. May try to find a used one.
I have a DJ backpack which fits my 2x16FW system nicely (or 2x11FW + some other machines), with generous padding and room for plenty of extras (laptop, PSU, cables). It's one of the Magma backpacks, a taller version. Lot's of good cases in the DJ world, that fits desktop modulars.

For 2x11FW shallows, I have also used a padded suitcase, very similar to Chris' thing. Those can often be found cheaply in hardware stores.

When travelling far, I have sometimes stuffed a bug system in my check-in suitcase, with masonite baords on both sides (and strings around to keep in place) to protect panel&pots, and plenty of clothes etc around for padding.
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