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Erogenous Tones - STRUCTURE
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Author Erogenous Tones - STRUCTURE

Anyone of you know more about this or have tested it?

Found a little on their homepage.
I got a solid demo at Moogfest and was blown away.
There is some recent info on the LZX Industries forum. me-updates-on-structure/173

Given our current foray into visual synthesis, and the gracious hosting of visual synthesis manufacturers by LZX, here we are!

We’ve been hard at work on Structure, every single day since we showed the latest prototype at Moogfest and we plan on having the final fully working hardware at KnobCon (as it will be going into production just before or during that time).

Recently we finally have Composite (CVBS) or RGB (LZX 1V) working on the prototype into our system! This was the last big milestone we wanted to hit. Currently we’ve been working with Lars very closely on cleaning up the sync timing and proper blanking required to be fully compatible with the LZX spec.

We are super excited to get this out, and we want to stress that Structure will not be a static product. If any of you have seen what we did with GateStorm and the level of updates I made to functionality over time, that same level of commitment is coming to Structure, but even more. From the beginning the system is designed to have upgraded firmware because, to be quite frank, there is just so much we have planned, we didn’t want people to have to wait for every single feature we have imagined possible.

Plus, we also like getting feedback from the community and incorporating those changes/enhancements. We are artists as well, and we know sometimes when the engineering and programming hats come off, you see the things you create from an artistic standpoint, and that really can change the way you interact with something.

If you have any questions, ask away, and we’ll see what we can answer!

I’m not terribly familiar with Structure. Can you give a description of the module here?

Sure! Structure is visual generator that is based on OpenGL. You can either have it generate visuals of the huge collection of included GLSL generators, or, you can have it process incoming video that is either composite or LZX 1V RGB.

The output is Composite.

It included 2 audio inputs (that can be used at CV rate), and 8 CV sources. 3 are from inputs with offset/scale and 1V/5V selectable mode. 2 are from an XY joystick, and 3 are from macro knobs used as an output control section by default.

There are 3 gate inputs (all with buttons as well) and quite a few keys for navigating different features. It also has an integrated display for preview and other UI based functions.

The system works on a node graph architecture that allows us to create different configurations with different types of nodes.

We’ll be showing the final hardware version at KnobCon this year. We also plan to release the firmware in stages, because we’d like to get it into community hands as we integrate the many new features we keep dreaming up!

I see you can use GLSL generators I’m currently looking that up to see what it means

In what ways can incoming video be processed?

regarding Structure - we feel it would be at home in almost any video setup. :slight_smile: it can be used to process incoming video or generate visuals based on GLSL generators and effects. we’ve built a routing matrix to take incoming CV, audio, or MIDI data to modulate available parameters. so, it could be the centerpiece of a video setup, an extensive and responsive effects unit for video processing, or as a dynamic visual generator that feeds into LZX gear, VJ software (via capture card), or other video hardware among other things.

. for GLSL shaders, i recommend checking out these two websites: 3 3

both websites have real time interactive GLSL code (where you can tweak values and functions to see what happens). a caveat thought, the video system on Structure is more modest than those on modern laptops - so ray marching, larger for loops, and complex shaders generally do not work (primarily due to memory constraints). however, some of the simpler shaders look great, especially layered w/effects. overall performance is dictated by how many shaders, effects, and objects are being used for a patch.

. video input will be able to be processed via GLSL shaders as well, which opens up a lot of possibilities - we have pixellate, posterize, mirror + kaleidoscope, HSV rotation, color shifting, sobel, tunnels, etc. we have a lot of effect shaders we’ve been fine tuning for release and have plans for many more. our node based system allows you to configure multiple effects and control how they’re mixed before the final output - giving you even more options !

. as we get closer to the final release, we’ll be releasing more information and demonstrations.
. this is James from Erogenous Tones - we are really excited to be demonstrating the final prototypes @ KnobCon 2018. feel free to ask any questions here and I'll answer as best I can.

. here are two video input tests:
i've been watching structure evolve over the last 3 years, and every eyer at knobcon i keep hoping it will be in its final form... it definitely stole the show this year and seems like it is pretty much "there". really excited for its release and am keeping a big open spot in my video rig for it.
Serious GAS! All I want to know is when can I have one in my hands? No bull$h!t either.
. here's a video from KnobCon where I go through the main features of Structure -
that's really nice
sign me up for one of those.
What is the price point?
shreeswifty wrote:
that's really nice
sign me up for one of those.
What is the price point?

. we're still waiting for the final production costs, but we're aiming for $899
I have to say that seeing it at Knobcon - seemed a lot of fun! I look forward to hearing more in the future!

Actual question - what midi controller were you using to demo it there?
peloazul wrote:
I have to say that seeing it at Knobcon - seemed a lot of fun! I look forward to hearing more in the future!

Actual question - what midi controller were you using to demo it there?

. thanks! smile

. we had a Korg NanoKey on the left and Aturia BeatStep Pro on the right.
NanoKey was the one I was curious on - thanks!
anomad wrote:
. here's a video from KnobCon

Sign me up.
Having spent a fair amount of time demo'ing Structure over the past few years - I can say that it's going to change my whole video synthesis game.

If all goes well I should have some in-depth demo videos up sometime this winter wink
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