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on the topic of not buying any more modules
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Author on the topic of not buying any more modules
It's a classic cliche in the modular community that the acquisition of new modules is like a drug ("eurocrack" meh) and that you won't be able to control it. I figured that there must be loads of folks out there that contradict that cliche (or, perhaps I'm hoping for that to be the case since I just decided myself to be done with the purchases).

Have you stopped or scaled down drastically on your module acquisitions? Was it a conscious decision or did the GAS just leave you? Are you still using your modular rack or did that interest go with the GAS?
There's some nice threads on the Monome forum about this kind of stuff: -horizontalpitch/10991

Please don't ostracize me. I just browse there I swear we're not worthy
I get bad GAS from looking at empty hp in my system. Full rows are the only cure. I am holding off my next expansion until fall/winter although I did just buy a module today (it was cheap!) to qualify for free shipping on an order of cables help
At one point I was feeling things like coupling to reward system, "needing",
risky money calculations, waning interest after hasty consumption... waah
And no good recordings whatsoever.
Then I had to sell it all to cover my red numbers.
I built myself a couple of synths, filters, delays, matrix. etc. + cheap pedals,
and since then making electronic music is fun again
Although I don´t see the need anymore to record anything I do Guinness ftw!
Mostly I´m into westafrican guitar atm Rockin' Banana!
i installed my last new module in january, and leaving my rack in one arrangement all year has been such a blessing, now i can play it in the dark comfortably

i came into it with a very clear idea of what i wanted and it still took the better part of 2 years to get my instrument to this state, and i was a broke student and portability was of primary importance, so i play a 6U

a year per row does seem kinda reasonable for assimilation, especially given the huge array of choices and disparate design philosophies in euro
Have only bought one module this year and it was a genuine accidental purchase: a dealer contacted me with a particular offer that was too good to turn down. Other than that i haven’t bought any eurorack in maybe a year. No conscious decision, it just happened naturally. Part of it was a lack of loose money whilst I was buying a house, but mainly I think I’m just really content with the 12u I have. Feel like I could patch it all day every day and I still wouldn’t have fully explored it by the time I die. Plus it works exactly in the way I want / expect it to and I don’t get any weird or nasty surpsrises happening (eg tuning, timing accuracy etc).

I’ve also felt that increasing my rack beyond 12u would probably be detrimental, or at the very least represent diminishing returns, so I’ll probbaly buy, sell and swap now rather than expand. I got deep into eurorack not long after starting to acquire hardware in general, so there are lots of ‘regular’ synths I’d love to buy and try which I never got round to once the euro bug bit me. So I’ll probably prioritise that over euro purchases for now. Although the euro still remains front and centre of my studio and indeed my workflow, and I don’t see that changing.
Reminds me of a thread I posted a while ago....

I have categories 1-3 pretty much covered now, and whenever I see a new thing my first impulse, rather than "must have" is "how can I do that with what I already have?"

Example: Whenever I think I need a new oscillator I know it's time to start getting into Shapeshifter again. eek!

All subject to change at a moment's notice of course. Dead Banana
There are plenty of threads on this. I buy 1-2 modules a year.
I stopped this year - but that was just to complete the frac Rack system so in fact I think it's probably been about 8 years of not buying anything other than patch cables.

Choosing Frac certainly helps because there is less choice. I got a Wiard 300 system and that more or less meets all my needs.
I've stopped since April. I can't really impulse buy modules since I plan everything beforehand.

I may plan on replacing some modules, but other than that I'm pretty happy with what I have now.
I did a lot of module trading to get to this point -- about 100 modules in and 50 out over the course of two years.

I'm reaching the endgame though. 3 modules left to sell, 3 left to buy to fill the remaining 15HP, and then the Brownian motion slows to... not quite absolute zero probably, but 1-2 modules a year sounds like a good goal.

Part of me still wants to try completely different systems -- a Verbos/Sputnik box would be lovely, and I could spend all kinds of time designing fantasy modular systems with other modules I haven't tried. Not just sound sources, but all sorts of controllers and sequencers. But I'm also extremely happy with the system I've got now, in terms of its sound and flow and possibilities. I've got a lifetime's worth of stuff to explore right here on my desk.
Once my rack got two complete voices along with the Pluck, aside from a couple of utility modules, I've not purchased anything in months ... well, it's been like two months, but still smile . There are, obviously, more modules that I would like to have but I have more than enough to make music with at this point and space/available power is becoming a serious concern.
The best laugh I can have is to tell myself I don't need any more. Ideas for musical avenues change and module acquisition follows obediently.

Trading off some for others is a natural thing too. Expansion is harder for me due to physical studio space but the yearning for trying new modules and patch ideas is not something I see diminishing anytime soon.
It’s been fairly easy for me as 1, I tend to buy modules based on some function they supply that can’t be duplicated by something I already have. And 2, I never sell or trade a module, I’ve kept everyone I’ve ever bought.
Now that I’m upwards of 150 of the little beasties, I’m running out of missing functions! woah
I have two systems, a large MU system and a small eurorack. The MU system was full but I moved part of the system to a new cabinet that was slightly larger, so I gained 10 additional spaces which I thought I would fill in no time. That was more than three years ago and I haven't bought a single module.

My eurorack system was always designed to be 9U x 84hp. I bought the last module in December, 2013 and haven't felt the need to add more. I've only bought two modules in the past 5 years and none in the past 3 years.

In the past couple of years I haven't used my modulars as much as I would like to, mostly because I've been pursuing other musical interests, but I still feel like there's lots to explore with my current systems. I don't see myself buying many more modules in the future.

Another factor is that the peso/USD exchange rate has increased considerably. Prices are now around 2x what they were 10 years ago.
I have to agree that it’s hard, over an extended period, to be satisfied with an instrument that was literally designed to ‘grow’ with you. Once I outgrew my two 9U cases, I expanded outward with totally separate ‘player’ cabs (I have a my ‘BSP case’ and my ‘drone case’...), but have been stable now for almost a year. I don’t really WANT to purchase more Euro (trying to focus on EVERYTHING ELSE, at the moment)... but also realize that it is, for me at least, fundamentally challenging for it NOT to evolve. Albeit slowly; hopefully slower than its growth-spurt at puberty!

Perhaps if I were to look at it as a complete ‘instrument’, things might be different. But...!

(I still blame you ALL for contributing to my economical demise!)

Happy wiggling!
i am still in the initial "buildup" buying-rush and get 1-2 new modules a month. once i've reached the size i am aiming for this should change into to "switching a few modules out every half a year or year"

lets see =)
Yes Powder
With two full cases, I consider myself past the GAS stage. I mean if Metasonix were to come out with a high-pass filter then I would HAFTA HAVE IT, but right now I'm more interested in continuing to explore what I have. There's really nothing in either case that I would be willing or able to get rid of without sacrificing some vital function.
Of course I'm also kicking the idea of getting another case in a couple months, so we'll see if it comes back then, I guess.
I'm a fresh addict to the "eurocrack" officially hooked and I'm almost certain my girlfriend will leave me if any more deliveries turn up haha
Well, I can say my eurorack system is complete, for a given value of complete. I filled the last HP on Thursday, and performed its first set yesterday.

At the moment, I have no plans to expand beyond the current Mantis case. I have a vague feeling there may be a 3U skiff in the future, but I'm not sure I would have room.

It is not a very typical rig. There are no sequencers, sample & holds, clocks, euclidean rhythm generators or such like-- all of those functions are provided by Max/MSP on a laptop, which is the generative engine for the system. Nor are there any keyboards, touchpads, joysticks or other performance interfaces mounted in the rack. Instead, I have a MIDI interface and a panel with jacks that provide power and connections for various performance contraptions.

What it does have is enough signal generating power to produce six voices with as wide a range of textures as I could find. (I suspect a rigorous analysis of most of the medium sized rigs here would be about the same if you leave out modules that don't directly handle signal.) So I am unlikely to buy any modules in the near future.

That does not mean development is stopping. Obviously, I have a lot of Max patches to write and performance contraptions to build. Besides, only 10 of the 19 modules in my system are bought in. The others are homemade and subject to improvement. (I probably will start with the laptop DAC system) Eventually, as I find Max patches that I use a lot, I may build them into modules and put together a skiff of instant gratification.
I'm taking a break from buying new stuff. I have 2hp left out of 420 and I ain't rushing to fill it. I have a very small collection of modules that were removed to make way for other stuff.

No intention of scaling down...
Do5-BaG wrote:
I'm a fresh addict to the "eurocrack" officially hooked and I'm almost certain my girlfriend will leave me if any more deliveries turn up haha

applause i know that feeling

i am happy with my system as is but there are plenty new concepts for modules coming to the market at the moment (tubbutec, Expert Sleepers, Befaco etc) and they are hard to ignore
Just about done I think, I'm building a case to hold it all together. I left a little room for some future items, like another Tetrapad and a breakout when it comes out, and anything fantastic that comes out I just cannot live without. I have a real nice setup now, and if I cannot do it then it probably doesn't need to be done.

I have never sold a module either, I'm funny like that, especially music equipment. Just as soon as I get rid of something it seems I find a need for it.
i have been holding off getting ANY modules at all for quite some time cool
Easy. Cancelled my credit card after paying it off, diverted all excess income in to an account that attracts high withdrawal fees in the first 12 months & shut down all modular related eurorack.

Now I’m really able to focus on modules I actually need, and have to really scrimp to buy them.

The account will be accessed in 12+ months when my second Amalgamod will be hopefully ready.
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