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So if anyone actually using the Pittsburgh stomp box
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Author So if anyone actually using the Pittsburgh stomp box
Hi guys,

I'm a bassist and I'm pretty into effects. I have a lot of different tones I like to use on my instrument to keep it sounding 'modern' and fresh. I've always been a little forum crazy and I have a pretty good idea what gear is popular.

BUT! the only bassist, or guitar player for that matter, I've seen with Euro rack gear in their effects chain is John Davis from Nerve, and he doesn't use the Pittsburgh box to do it (I don't know how he converts it to line level and back tbh).

Am I missing something or is no-one using this stuff?

Cheers, Sam.
For reference

[img] 6/[/img]
i dont think ive ever seen one out in the wild either. the idea behind it is cool and i actually dig the concept of it, but there is no way i would spend $350 on a tiny case meant to be on the floor, and the thought of having a grand worth of modules right under my feet on top of that gives me anxiety just pondering it. you could always put in on a desk or stand or something, but that kind of defeats the whole point of it i think. while i would never buy it, i do commend pgh on the attempt to be forward thinking and trying out ideas like this.
yeah PGH definitely should have run that idea on a focus group before launching it, it's just a silly idea. There's plenty of choices of how to hook up a guitar/pedals to a modular. This is one I like:

Blue Lantern desktop stuff is another option. For incorporating guitars into your rack setup I mean.
Saw the Pittsburgh stomp box on reverb over the summer. Sold for $900 seriously, i just don't get it
The Crossfader Insert by Doepfer works quite well, adding my pedals to the modular rig.
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