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80's/90's/Early 2000's Gothy Production Advice
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Author 80's/90's/Early 2000's Gothy Production Advice
I feel like this is the death of my street cred, I'll say first: I know nothing about production. I use hardware, I sing, play guitar, record files, and send them to my producer. He lays down drums in FL and now that I'm nearly done with my debut, has been mixing/mastering. That said, he's an IDM guy who does instrumental stuff, and doesn't have a lot of experience with the kind of stuff I'm into. I showed him Flesh Field's Strain, Birthday Massacre's Nothing and Nowhere, Velvet Acid Christ's Calling Ov The Dead as exactly what I wanted with plugins and how everything's EQ'd, and Ministry's Land of Rape and Honey, FLA's Caustic Grip, Skinny Puppy's Vivisect VI and C-Tec's Darker for plugins but not EQ. But... he doesn't have experience with the sound so everything right now is trial and error. I wanted to ask what are some things that could help bring across that specific kind of "dark" vibe? And for more of the 2000's stuff, that kind of Mind In A Box esque coldness? For vox specifically, is there anything I should know about software wise that could kind of replicate that old school Eventide sound? Thanks in advance btw.
There are certainly plugins that will do what you want in terms of things like reverb and colouring your sound. In fact, just this week I was talking to someone who works a pretty big studio, and he told me that their go-to solution starts with izotope, and there are massive options for things like EQ matching and so on in there.

So if software is what you're looking for, there are clearly solutions.

As far as production in general is concerned, that's a bigger topic. Do you think that you could kind of pin down what you're looking for?
First off, I appreciate the help and I'll def have to bring that up. But as far as pinning down a specific issue goes, I don't really know. All I know is the guitars aren't "mean" enough, the synths aren't murky enough, and the mix is overall a little too warm.
maybe try some bit crushing plugs as these might give you that old sampler sound on guitars & synths, maybe even in parallel so you keep it smooth & dirty seriously, i just don't get it
Let us hear it and we might be able to help.
From you what you said, it ain't the gear, it's the fact that the guy working on it doesn't really understand what he's aiming for.
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