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Any RK6 audio demos?
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Author Any RK6 audio demos?
Looking to hear the RK6. I listened to the demo on the page:

I understand it's a square wave going into the filter near the end. I'm looking to hear more of the resonance. The audio demo sounds like the filter is being overdriven too hard by the amplitude of the square wave. Sawtooth wave is preferable as the flat lines of the square wave will also interfere with the resonance. Sawtooth allows for harmonic locking effects, and during the ramp phase of the sawtooth, we can get the full expression of the resonance/sound/character of the filter.

It is interesting to note that upwards saw vs downwards saw may sound different going through certain self-oscillating filters.
Would love to hear some more demos with different wave shapes and applications; but even that one sounds pretty good. Definition going on my list of stuff to purchase with my next bit of discretionary income.
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