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Eurorack pots and jacks spacing
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Author Eurorack pots and jacks spacing
Hello there,

I have searched the forum for a definitive post about this subject but I couldn't find "one topic to rule them all" about it.

What are your go-to spacings for pots and jacks when you design your Eurorack panels? What are your minimum spacing values that you use? Would you rather go for a larger spacing between controls and sacrifice rack space by making bigger modules or keep it as small as possible while being practical?

I'm making this question because I am designing my own modules which I will present later when I make the first protos, and I am questioning whether my modules will or will not be usable.

The tightest I'm doing s 19mm spacing between pots, 19mm spacing between pots and jacks, and 13mm horizontal spacing vs 11mm vertical spacing between jacks, or between jacks and toggle switches (the pots spacing is to be considered with 9mm pots and with 12mm knobs).

I actually have a prototype where I put Volca-style pots on a 13mm spacing and they are kinda usable (they are meant to be used every once in a while, not like a frequency pot on a filter), but then again that's insulated pots with no knob. My question is more concerning normal pots with knobs.

Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes with their opinion on this subject.
Eric the Red

Check out how Rex developed his panels here: torder=asc&start=200
I think the general rule is being able to get a finger between the knobs but it's easy to get a piece of heavy cardboard from your local art supply store, cut it size, mount pots on it and test your design.
you’ll really need to build it and feel it out! at least get a panel laser cut or something like that and install the pots and jacks to feel it.

I put jacks on a .6” grid (~15mm), pots on 1.2” grid (~30mm). very happy with this spacing. pots with a knob will almost always be 1.2” away from jacks, but there are some cases this is ok.

my brother and I argue back and forth on whether we should have lots in a small space for customers’ sake, or big spread out modules, for the customers’ sake smile
There is no set rule to this. Just look at the modules in your rig and see the differences. Your knob choice will determine the spacing there. Basically look at as many modules you can and see which ones feel the best to you and use their spacing. If it is a great module, the spacing of the knobs/jacks will be at the bottom of the list for most people. This is why I sell controllers! If your knobs have CV inputs, they can be a little more cramped.
Jay F.
In my last build I put pots on a 25 mm grid and jacks on (roughly) half that space : 4 jacks could fit the space of a pot.
Switches taking twice the space of a jack.

And I use clones of Davies 1900H knobs.
When spacing jacks, make sure you allow enough room for the tool used to fasten the jack to the panel

With Thonkiconns and probably other jacks it's possible to pack them dense enough that the appropriate hex socket won't fit. Not such a big deal if you're using the smaller knurled nuts and the matching tool

You can allow for this and knob sizes in CAD by drawing extra shapes in a documentation layer

Personally I don't like things being too uniform, as it makes the modules all blend together too much. Olivier Gillet talked about this in his Why We Bleep podcast with mylar.melodies too, recommend having a listen Guinness ftw!
indigoid wrote:
Olivier Gillet talked about this in his Why We Bleep podcast with mylar.melodies too, recommend having a listen Guinness ftw!

that was a really cool podcast smile I listened to it yesterday! Thanks for the suggestion
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