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blending modular with more traditional music styles
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Author blending modular with more traditional music styles
Digital Larry
Sorry if I've asked this before... I'm sure I have...

I dusted off my SONAR DAW and Celtic fiddle tunes book a few weeks back, after a several year fallow period. Recorded some tunes, having some fun, witnessing my limitations as a lead guitarist, etc.

When I first got my BeatStep Pro, I thought I'd see how it adapted to Celtic forms, and for the most part, not well. Getting it to do anything other than 4/4 is a little challenging - I do realize that you can set the sequence length to 12 instead of 16 (or 48 rather than 64 for 4 measures), but it's not optimized for that. BSP manual makes no mention of time signatures at all. You can have one sequence pendulum mode at 15 steps and another forwards at 17 steps with randomization, and while that is quite interesting, not exactly where I'm trying to go.

I have a Microbe Equation Composer and surprisingly, I got some use out of the drum sequencer with CVs going to the various pattern selection mod inputs. I also checked out the MEC code in Github and see that the drum sequencer could be pretty easily adapted to play 6/8 rather than 4/4 beats. I might give that a go, put some bodhran samples in it and quaff a pint while I'm at it.

But here's the rub. The rhythm and melody in Celtic tunes is fairly well bound together, and to the extent I've used SONAR's "step sequencer" to edit drum patterns, it's a great way to start, but as the tune takes shape inevitably those patterns want to get edited to more closely match what the rest of the tune is doing.

Also, a lot of these Celtic tunes have a lot of chord changes and it's tough to fit all that into a single BSP pattern without slowing it way down.

This seems totally at odds with what modular offers as a strength. Yes I could sequence my synth voices through the BSP but I don't think that offers enough benefit vs. the extensive soft synths I have to be worth the effort. Although that could open up "tweaking while tracking" I suppose.

This is a personal creative dilemma, not a technical issue. I like the sounds I get from my Eurorack stuff and would like to blend it in with other musical forms. I'm sure somebody's done it. I've even set up BSP grooves and played guitar over them but that wears thin pretty fast - not as a player, I can go on and on and on and on, but to listen to.... ehhhhh

Anybody out there successfully blend modular with other forms of music?
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