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About those XORYs, buyers beware
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Author About those XORYs, buyers beware
Before you buy one make sure it works as intended. A lot of them (2 out of 3 in my experience with them) are the logical inverse XNOR function instead.
That's odd. I wonder if they were sent a batch of xnors instead of xors? Anyway, I recommend contacting the manufacturer... They're active in these forums and are usually pretty helpful from what I've seen.

(If you want to still use the XNOR version as XOR, you can run the XNOR output through one input of the other XNOR, since an XNOR with only one input hooked up acts as a NOT.)
I contacted Tim from Circuit Abbey 3 months ago, he’s not in a hurry to make things right apparently. Buyers beware. One of the XNORYs I’ve been reimbursed for, the other burned a hole in my pocket, that’s water under the bridge by now.

I like these 2hp modules, I have a bunch of them. I wouldn’t buy a XORY without having the store test it first, that’s the point of my post.

Same here. I contacted the manufacturer and got no response. I returned it to the store and they confirmed that it was malfunctioning and gave me a refund.
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