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having a bit of a hard time syncing with silent way..
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Author having a bit of a hard time syncing with silent way..
so i have silent way hooked up through my audiofire 12 (which works beautifully btw) to a doepfer a160 clock divider..

im using the Right channel of the silent way LFO to sent out 1/16 (tempo) note square waves, which works great. up to here everything is fine, but..

how to set the reset pulse?

from the Left channel, im sending another square wave at 1/1 (beginning of each measure) to reset the doepfer a160.. but it holds the reset for half of a measure (half the length of the square wave pulse).. it 'syncs' fine actually, but i dont want it to hold the reset for so long.. in the silent way settings im using the 'transport' sync (for left channel only)

when i shorten the pulse width to the smallest value it throws off the timing a tiny bit..

sorry if this is totally noob.
Check out using the step lfo for clock type duties like this. Try every 4 steps and then mess with the divisor and the multiplier to find a happy place for whatever it is you're trying to clock it with, in transport mode.
Do try the Step LFO, but you should be able to use the LFO with a small PW - I'm concerned by what you say about the timing going off. Could you elaborate on that?
I just did a test, and the LFO is sample-accurate at all values of pulse width. The only thing is that when the pulse width is actually zero, the waveform vanishes altogether, so you wouldn't be getting any reset at all. Setting the value to e.g. 0.1 would work though.

If you want a truly short trigger, use Silent Way Trigger in Trigger mode and set up a looping MIDI pattern to trigger the reset.
hey, thanks for replies.

i made a new midi track with the silentwaytrigger sending out the reset pulse like you advised.. works perfect!

super tight timing now.. what i meant about timing going off was it would 'hold' the reset for the time of the negative part of the square pulse (i did set the pulse width to smallest possible value.. maybe this 'hold' problem is something with the doepfer module? i dont know), so i would get this short 'pause' in the clock.. it wasnt a huge problem, cause i rarely need it to be perfect, but this time i was doing some polyrhythmic stuff and it needed to be really tight.

thanks again. excellent, excellent vst by the way.

edit: actually, i think im just dumb.. the positive part of the square pulse resets the clock. so far so good.. then it 'held' the clock for the negative part of pulse. ok, so far so good.. is the problem my sending out an extremely slow (though properly quantized) square wave? yes, right? the trigger on the other hand is 'neutral' until a note is hit, at which point a quick pulse is sent out, thus not leaving the 'negative' remainder.

sorry, just trying to make sense of this..
Maybe. You could use the Offset control on the LFO to make the square wave positive only.

In fact you probably want to do that for the clock signal too.
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