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LEDs isssue on 24 cabinet
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Author LEDs isssue on 24 cabinet
Does anyone knows how to change the LEDs on the 201-24 powered cabinet?
I use the Buchla like 4 times a year only, but as these keep on flickering since a while I now decided I should do something cause it's too disturbing.

I never got any answer from Buchla asking for replacement or solution, so I have to look by myself now.

I'm asking cause the way the LEDs are fixed in the tube looks quite tricky.
Maybe someone has references and knows how this works.
Did you ever get this figured out, batchas?
I had mine replaced a while back, but it started flickering again within a year or two. But it was like ever 4th one, not all or even most of them.

I unplugged it and got some clip on LED lamps.

I've also used it w/o the lamps and a strip of velcro covering the ones that flicker.

B&A (I had this problem before BEMI) replaced it once. Then when it happened again, said something about replacing resistors, but I had no clue, so I left it alone.
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