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Xenharmonics and Ciat-Lonbarde
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Author Xenharmonics and Ciat-Lonbarde
Hello, here is a reply to my own question on Xenharmonics in C-L land, back in February I was a noob and posted it in General Gear, maybe we could bring it here:

Cheers and Ciao

if you wanna try xenharmonics, try the rolzer, tocante, and mocante.

q. why?

a. peter has built a just intonation scale using 'preferred numbers' (

Specifically, the E6 series: (

this is a profound idea; the metaphysics of making do with whats at hand aside, it introduces a whole new type of scale perhaps never heard before. in the arcane world of xenharmonics and DIY tunings, peter manages to surprise and delight, once again.

the rolzer takes these ideas, and puts them in a standalone form. (the plumbutter did start out this way, as the rollz-5.)

this is quite radical as well: using scales built of small numbers to make beats. justly intoned poly rhythm!

i'm still trying to map out all the ramifications... both sonically, and musically
for wasn't it boethius who once commented on who truly is a musician:

"... there are three types of people who concern themselves with music: theorists, composers, and performers. Of these, the performers are excluded from true musical understanding, since "all their efforts are devoted to the exhibition of their skills with instruments. They therefore act as slaves, without reasoning or thinking". The composers, or poets, "compose more with their natural instinct than thraough the exercise of thought or reason", but the theorist, on the other hand, "is entirely devoted to reason and thought", and "is able to judge modes, rhythms, the genera of songs and their mixtures... basing this judgment of a use of reason and thought especially suited to the musical art"" hree_Musicians-by_Joscelyn_Godwin.aspx

i'm very interested in these ideas, if anyone else wants to chat, hit me up
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