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Mixing with stereo effects
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Author Mixing with stereo effects
I use a Soundcraft mixer with my stereo Eurorack instrument. It has three send channels but I use two stereo effects, which would utilize four sends in a perfect world. I plan to go from two of the sends into L & R on my stereo reverb and use the third as a mono send into Analog Heat. Everything would be retuned in stereo to individual mixing channels.
Does this sound reasonable? Will there be any phase of other issues caused by going from stereo to mono back to stereo?
I'd retain all my stereo info through the dry and reverb channels. The saturation channel would be stripped of stereo but the effect would add back some space.
Should I return the Heat in mono?
Did you try it? Sounds reasonable to me but I’m not a mixer expert. I’d be concerned about too much happening at once though, so a thought is to be careful and minimized with the effects. I’ve been doing mono recordings because stereo adds complexity and more ways to go wrong.
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