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thinking of frac
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Author thinking of frac
so i'm thinking of adding a row of frac - trying not to buy another euro rack for a bit

i'm looking at filters and sound altering stuff
looking for stuff that has real definite strength of character -

any thoughts?
I started off with similar thoughts.

Not a filter or a sound altering module per se, but the Blacet miniwave is a great frac module.

The STG wave folder is a really cool module used as a VCA. I highly recommend it.

Never used them myself, but all the stuff I've read and heard from the Wiard Boogie and Borg is good.

Blacet Klanwerk is on it's last run so if you like a nice ring mod, it's a good choice.
Ok first of all, if you add Frac to your system, you have to have a Miniwave. Even if you never once drive it with a saw wave and scan slowly through wavetables, it is worth its weight in gold. You can read up on the Socket Rocket manual on the Blacet site to get a feel for what the "non wavetable" uses of the MW are.

For Filters, get a Boogie, and get a tube VCA from Metalbox to run it through. I put these two together for the first time in a while at the AHBA meetup and it was MEAN. The Boogie will make the wimpiest source material absolutely turgid, and the Tube VCA will give enough juice to make it punch. Fabulous combo.

Another great filter is the Livewire Frequensteiner; I have it on reasonably good authority that running it on 15V makes all the difference, i.e., it sounds better than the Euro version. You can seriously overdrive the input past about 3 on the input atten, which I strongly recommend. The CVs still expect only a 5V swing, so you have to dial back the attenuation quite a bit (only the first 40% or so of the CV atten pot is useful). Extra bonus points for the extremely rude HP mode.

If you're shooting for a whole row, and assuming you only choose one of the two filters above, you've got room for two standard modules or four halfsies or some combination. I'd get the Encore Frequency Shifter, which is a triple-wide, and fill the remaining half space with either a Blacet Micro LFO or a Metalbox ADSR.

Or, if you can find one and feel like dropping the coin, get a Time Machine, and a Micro LFO and Dual Lin VCA to mess with the regen and delay time.
That's got PLENTY of character!
There you go - that's an awesome Frac right there:

MiniWave - KlangWerk - Wave Folder - Borg 2 - Boogie

noisering, binary zone, boogie and borg filter, bi-n-tic filter.
thanks everyone -
Hey, check out my recent post here:

I was running an all MIDI and Eurorack rig. There are just too many unique things in Frac format and the Blacet modules (the only ones that I have experienced directly) are built to a very high standard.

For the most part, they are 100% compatible, except that some things on the Blacet modules expect a full +10 Volt swing in order to fully open/close or modulate, or what-have-you. Eurorack modules tend to go from fully closed (low) to fully open (high) using +5 Volts.

The Filthy Filtre is a good choice for what you are talking about. Following the advice of the prior posters is probably a good idea as well.
crap the +10 volt puts a drag on my plans
i'm integrating a motu 896 audio interface as 8 of my primary CV sources but it will only get me to +7 volt

hmmm - must find a solution - manketo filter looks so tasty - must find solution
Can I do the CV trick with the Motu Traveller?
dunno -
i built a crude test pluggo based vst plugin
if it works then you can

let us know -
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