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YoMo aka York Modular
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Author YoMo aka York Modular
I’ve noticed a few interesting modules by this manufacturer on the bay and Etsy recently. Generally 2-4 HP utilities such as a dual a/r envelope, dual passive lpg, attenuators and the like.

They come with black Perspex panels, and from what I can make out, YoMo are a small one man outfit. The prices are very attractive ( they make takaab look like cwejman!), and I’m tempted to try them out.

Anyone with any experience care to chime in? I’m not crazy about the panels ( though the manufacturer offers files to make your own if you prefer), but could live with them, especially at this price point.

Muff McMuff
I am building up my first rack at the moment and the York Modular stuff looks interesting and very low priced. There don't seem to be any demo's though nothing showing the modules in action. Smartphones even bog standard ones can shoot good video nowadays. I have not bought any.
He's got some interesting utility modules, and the price is great if they're good; I like the look of his Lockhart wavefolder (and he does have an MP3 linked in the auction) but actual reviews seem to be non-existent.
Mmmmm... Interesting... I'm all for helping "local industry" out...
I've bought a couple of things from him, really nice tiny modules, incredible prices and great fast service, highly recommended smile
I've got a couple of YoMo modules and they're really great for the price. Just be aware that some of them are quite lo-fi (the optothing VCA and the t-kick, for instance). I use the dual slew in most patches :-)
That’s good to hear aragorn23 and Timdrage, thanks for chiming in!

I’m interested in the AR and the attenuator. I’ll give them a go, I think.
I received my dVCA2 today, it's a very very lo-fi sounding 2-channel VCA that rectifies and clips the input signal. Great to have a couple of spare VCAs for percussive sounds, especially at such a low price!
Just ordered a pair of the dual ARs. I'll report back. Love finding bedroom makers like this.
Very happy with my Yomo 2hp modules: the rBPF, rLPF, rHPF, and the TT drum.
Very happy with both the modules I bought, and the service from Yomo. I purchased 2 of the DV3 dual Attack/Release modules.

The ARs work perfectly. I purchased them for percussion, and they have enough pluck for the job. After I paid, I received a small refund. It seems the shipping costs were a bit less than the Etsy estimate, so he refunded the difference! Simon is a good chap.

He shipped next day, it took about 2 weeks to get them in the midwest, USA.

Absolutely will be purchasing more. Very good deal for the $!
That's good to know, folks, cheers! thumbs up
Lovely guy and happy with my mixer smile bargain!
Importantly he also does PL format 1U tiles smile
Ive bought a few modules from him now great utilities no frills but work great cannot fault the price and his wavefolder can get some really dirty sounds from it. Really helped me getting I to modular
I can confirm his stuff is really good. I loved the 2hp twin t until I decided to do my beats on the Mac. The customer service and his utilities are ace.
I ordered an Optothing and a Lockhart wavefolder from him last sunday. Got a refund, apparently every 100th order gets free shipping woah The order shipped on monday, amazing customer service.
Paranormal Patroler
I've been working with Yomo on some custom designs for my live cases (he has posted some of them on his IG account). He's been excellent so far and lovely to work with. I recommend his modules!
I don't think it's mentioned on the Yomo site but my Optothing3 seems to be DC-coupled. Great surprise as I thought I had no DC coupled VCAs due to a recently fried Doepfer Quad VCA woah Such a nice little module.
i have 4-5 yomo modules from etsy (3u and 1u) all work great, top prices. my favorite module from them is the SOG v2 quantized octave cv
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