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ES-40 + ESX-8MD Setup Ableton Live
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Author ES-40 + ESX-8MD Setup Ableton Live
I made an account just to post this. Sorry if I offend anyone but I am really pulling my hair out over this one!

Can someone please give me the most simplified step-by-step explanation of how to setup an ES-40 + ESX-8MD + Ableton Live 10?

I am using a Focusrite 18i8 (1st Gen) with a S/PDIF cable going to the ES-40, the ESX-8MD is then connected to a Jomox Xbase09 and eventually several other MIDI synths/drum machines.

I've downloaded Silent Way and have managed to get some lights on on both units. I am most definitely being a noob but I really have tried all the available resources over the past few days and have gone a bit nuts in the process!

Thank you!!!
PS I'm running on Windows 10 if that helps
tom moody
You might start with "ES-4, ES-3, gate expanders personal cheat sheet (Ableton)" in this forum. It's geared to W7 and Ableton 9.5 but should be applicable. It has some notes on setting up the ES-40 and ESX-8MD.
I got hold of an ES-40 and ESX-8MD today, and have just spent the last few hours trying to get it to work with Ableton.

I'm not sure if this is 100% the correct approach, but it works reliably now for me with Ableton 10, so hopefully the following will help others.

Firstly I'm using a different audio interface, and have it configured so outputs 1-2 are my stereo master out to my monitors, and 3-4 is my SPDIF output to the ES-40.

If you have Mk2 ES-40 you shouldn't need to worry about default sample rate, but if you have a Mk1 or not sure, start out at 48khz feeding the SPDIF to get up and running and play with this later if you need to - the mk1 is temperamental with 44.1khz

I've configured my ESX-8MD so that ports 1-4 are Midi and ports 5-8 are sending DIN Sync24.

Once setup, I've 'grouped' these in Ableton so that I can collapse them to occupy less space. This is optional, and doesn't change the operation.

For midi clock outputs create a midi track in Ableton, and add the SW ES-4 Controller plugin. Setup exactly as shown in the screenshots. The only entries that should be different are the Output (depending on the physical ES-40 header used, and the output 1-8), and the offset value - a +ve value will compensate for your device latency (mine are mostly in the range 10-20). Find this value by ear once things are working.

SW ES-4 Controller plugin addresses a single physical connection, so repeat the process to each additional midi clock device you require. I've created 4, and change the Output value to be unique.

If you are using DIN Sync, then create midi tracks with the SW Sync plugin. This appears to use ports in pairs, so set the click output and the run output as pairs too. Again ensure the outputs are unique and not being used for midi or another purpose. Set the hardware mode to ES-4 and adjust the offset to fine tune the timing is necessary. 24ppqn for Roland equipment.

This plugin times out if the software is in demo mode, so I'm not sure if there is another method to obtain DIN Sync without purchasing Silent Way.

For all the Ableton tracks feeding the ES-40 I've set the Midi From to No Input, and the Audio To, to my SPDIF output.
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