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ARP critical issue when using Up/Down and range 3
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Author ARP critical issue when using Up/Down and range 3
Setting ARP to Up/Down and range=3 in Juno 66 appears not to work correctly, or at least not as it originally does:

Hold C0, E0 , G0 (lowest octave), it plays:
C0 E0 G0 C1 E1 G1 C2 E2 G2 E2 C2 G1 E1 C1 G0 E0

These are 16 steps a loop. It's usable and sounds musical, and also as originally in the Juno 60.

Now hold C3, E3, G3 (mid or top octave), it would play:
C3 E3 G3 C4 E4 G4 C5 C5 G4 E4 C4 G3 E3

This is a 13 steps loop, it's unmusical, can't really be useful and definitely not as originally on a Juno 60.

I checked this on my Jupiter 6, and it always plays the same pattern, no matter where you play the chord. I'm pretty sure it's the same as on the stock Juno 60. This is how it should really work, and what makes the Roland arpeggio so lovely! It makes me very frustrated now that I can't use the arpeggiator as before, and makes me really hate this change ! I really can't use this combination anymore like that. I thought this was fixed in 1.26, so I upgraded, and I can see no difference...

Would really appreciate if you could fix that smile


the bug fixed in 1.26 was such that the juno would play the wrong pattern in UP & DOWN mode (it played the way polysix does, not the juno way)

Apparently the bug is not completely fixed and I will look at this asap
Hello Tubbutec! I was wondering if you have been able to look at this, and hopefully to also fix it ? We all would appreciate this very much, thanks for your support in your great products.
Hi Tobi, I wonder if you had to the time to look at this and could possibly post a fix for this problem ? Not being able to use the arp is very frustrating, the real power of Junos is really in the arppegiator, it used to work great without the upgrade. Thanks so much for your support.

will have a look at this next week. Sorry for the delay, had my hands full..
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