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amsterdam anyone?
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Author amsterdam anyone?
hiya, i'm in town installing my latest show at the galerie van gelder:

the opening is tomorrow (today?!) saturday the 8th at 1700

do come by, keen on meeting ciat-lonbarde ppl

here is my last show:  /brud-the-donut-of-confusion
I won't be able to make it to Amsterdam on short notice.
How did the opening go?

How long will the exposition last ro plan a visit? Its always hard to appreciate art on a 2D screen.
the show goes on till 20 october

here are some pics


Thanks, there must be some time to visit the exposition. Are you there all the time or should we make an appointment? Would be nice to have a chat.

I'm into the arts myself as a hobby. mostly inspired by Henry Moore. Ofcourse there are some stories behind it like the reclining figures and the evolution of 'legs' in species. Got also some music to assist the visuals but never had the balls to go out and have it exposed.

yeah being a working artist in contemporary art is a constant stream of putting yourself out there; its excruciating, but also satisfying because society gives a special license to those who calls themselves artists, for they are, by definition, special.

if you'd like to visit, just call the gallerist kees van gelder before:

he is a remarkable person and one of the seminal figures of postwar European conceptual art, and he is very funny to listen to, especially so in dutch

tell him adi sent you from muffwiggler; if he says whats that just say oh that synthesis nonsense adi is into :-D

ps: starting in october-november i will be a lot more often in NL/Rotterdam, as i will run Rib until 2020:

the main project is an ambisonic radio station called radio juju, but it will also be the launch of brud's tape label and synth company called "buio" (Italian for "dark")

so... very keen on meeting the NL/Rotterdam synth scene, tape scene, ciat-lonbarde scene, weirdo electronica scene, you name it

so... kozepz dear... you are top on our list of interesting people to meet!
Thanks, I'll see what I can do.

In Eindhoven there's an art centre called MU which you might contact for your art. It's very diverse, sometimes a collaboration between scientist and artist, awesome, sometimes students with an opinion, nah grow up people Mr. Green .

There's also a modular scene in Eindhoven called I haven't been there myself because most of the time I was running through the woods in the dark whilst other people where dancing on the beats.

Don't forget Dennis in Rotterdam at Worm in Rotterdam, great scene!

And perhaps contact Carlo Alfano (NotFromEarth) about radioshows. He has some experience with the broadcasts from an Ibiza radiostation on experimental music which unfortunately stopped.

And then there is ofcourse the pool of wisdom from Game Of Life artists

I myself gonna do some experimental music again, but first focus on early morning dancing vibes Rominimal style.
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