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cocoquantus > vidiot
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Author cocoquantus > vidiot
hello, what sort of device or cable do i need to control my vidiot with the cocoquantus?

darrinn of patchpoint suggested this: er-cable-pack

any other options? a format jumbler? or?

hainbach, kozepz, wednesday, mrbloor and all c-l wizards, your wisdom sought
Adapter pack is cool, going to get one of these. Else, Lowgain makes a Utility box for banana to 3.5.
get ahold of Tom with bugbrand via his website or on here roducts_id=117
he is always responsive
also his banana cables are some of my favorites
nice and tight

I have the lowgain box
some of the bugbrand ones
and some of these

my favorite are the bugbrand ones for sure
he even sends along one for grounding with is critical with the CL stuff
I'm just getting ready to finally get my audio synths back out after a long playtime with video synths and try combining them

so I'll have some vidiot + CL videos coming here
tom very kindly offered to make me some, but just to be sure, the vidiot is eurorack compatible i think... so will i need something more than cables? since ciat-lonbarde is not eurorack voltages? am i correct or will a simple banana to eurorack 1/8'' cable work fine?
CL should be giving you 0-~9v
I would say if you have a plumbutter just like it says on his site don't use those brown banana nodes for patching with anything other than the plumbutter

so you just need the cables

tom should send you one cable that has two banana jack ends that one is for grounding

turning the speed of the 'tussy oscillators in the middle down will give you some nice slow LFOs

that was as far as I got
as my wife wanted to learn some new modules nanners
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