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Syncing eurorack with MPC and Logic x
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Author Syncing eurorack with MPC and Logic x
Hello everyone,

I just received a Pamela's new workout and trying to figure some things out. My MPC live was the master clock source running into my mother 32. I tried using the Mothers AUx output to run Pams clock and it was unstable as hell. Also doing this the internal sequencer of the mother 32 has to be running and i want to trigger the mother from the logic or mpc not the internal seq. so i ordered the midi/DIM expander for pam. Please tell me if this thinking is right. Pam will be master and mpc/logic slave. i can then connect another midi cable out of mpc/logic(audio interface) to play the mother 32 with a midi kbd. Pam is master so all modules + MPC/Logic x will be in sync. Also i could get the intellijel uMidi to my mpc/logic would be the master.. i think that may be better.

For reference i have attached a shot of my rack
Not an exact answer, and for that I'm sorry, but I've been using a pulse sample in my MPC and out from an auxiliary audio output into my clock of my SHmkII and have had zero issues with stability.

This may or may not help
Some of the threads below???
Thanks guys i was really just inquiring if my though process was correct but learned from the info yall provided. I just ordered the intellijel Umidi and will use that to keep my MPC/Logic as master and clock pam so we can work out. if the timing isnt tight i will try the audio pulse trick. thanks again.
Currently running a similar set up.. Mpc live, logic. Connecting with a uMidi to a Tempi and it works great. Lots of modulation option with it too.
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