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thank you
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Author thank you
i just wanted to say thank you to peter, and all of you here

i've been posting quite a bit recently here and i wanted to apologise if it is too much.

i've spent the last few days engrossed in the cocoquantus. what a pure, crisp, sophisticated, profound, life-changing synth

it brought me back to music, reminded me why i am in music

the months and years i spent searching for a synth interface that would click with me are over; i spent more time with this synth than the rest of my gear combined

suddenly i realised, this is what i was looking for all along; superb aesthetics, top-shelf sound, eternal, timeless ideas, fantastic ergonomics, buchla-style, west coast

i'm so inspired and fired up, i felt i should write this down somewhere, about why this instrument has affected me so much, why it is so playable, what is it that has gotten me hooked

peter, you have created something wonderful, as you have created so much joy in the world. thank you very much, i am very grateful. i sing to my synth now, it has moved me so deeply and emotionally

thank you darrinn, of patchpoint, thank you hainbach, wednesday, arnosz, kozepz, pugix, thanks to all your wisdom

thank you c-l muffs, what a gem of a tiny community we have here.

i am thinking of writing up a grimoire for the cocoquantus, to collect my thoughts. is anyone interested. cheers
Welcome to the wonderful world of CL... I have tried to leave time after time but what Peter has made just calls me back every time... especially the Coco in all its renditions...

Glad to have another soul wash up on the beaches of this amazing paradise... welcome and enjoy the stay...

FYI if you haven’t lost yourself in a PB yet I highly recommend it...

Guinness ftw!
Glad you find some inspiration again!
Probably the biggest change is your "Openess to experience" Om (a Big Five aspect split into Openess and Intellect)

Now use that intellect to create traditional and poly rhythms Rockin' Banana!
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