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'traditional' rhythms with a plumbutter?
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Author 'traditional' rhythms with a plumbutter?
any examples of more 'standard' rhythms (4/4 or even polyrhythms or euclidean) from the plumbutter?
For as far 4/4 goes it is possible, even the [boom-hihat-boom/clap-hihat]. I've got somethings somewhere in my archive, have to look it up.
The trick for the clap sound on beat two is to put the grey noise output from the 'snare' into the purple fm of gong and time it with modulating the verso/inverso of the snare.

You can also use mwrs and use the first orange back into the mwrs input than you got for red pulses...and ofcourse tweek it a little further. I believe two active running lights separated by 4 will give you the possibility to modulate the verso/inverso of the grey output into the fm of the gong on the second beat.

You can also use the avdog output into the 'snare' and tweek the response so it is in between beats. It'll drift a little but can be quite accurate.
Some groovebox companies spent a lot of egineering into microtimings, with CL you get if for free hihi

For the rest its all polyrhythm but make sure there is some relation when you sent the pulses out to the gongs otherwhise its chaotic.

Here's some examples. I especially liked the ongdu rhythm, never been able to reproduce it though...but hey its C-L w00t

And there are a few more tricks. You don't need 3 MN Rene's to make Clapping Music, 1 PB will work.

and some of the other slow dub videos

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=30204520 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=946917109]
kozepz - was 'dub structure 05' done entirely on the plumbutter? how did you get the melodic parts to weave in around 1:00?

i really like it, the quality of c-l sound is top notch
All was done with Plumbutter but I used three input channels in Ableton.

Two for the orginal PB sounds and one channel of the right output of PB through a resonator, delay, and reverb.
The iPad was used to change levels and some fx parameters.

Especially sounds passed through the ultrasound first had a great influence on the behaviour of the resonator.
kozepz you make me miss the hell out of my PB
very frustrating man your stuff is incredible we're not worthy
Thanks Joe!
Are you sure there isn't a workaround for the VCP (visual consistency problem) hihi
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