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Powering multiple Red units
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Author Powering multiple Red units
Hey all.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried powering multiple Red units with a daisy chain like you would do on a pedal board. As long as the 12v supply has enough power I don't see why it would be an issue... but I thought it would be good to ask before trying it smile

I do it with a PTDelay and a COFilter, using the supply came with them and a splitter cable. No problem whatsoever thumbs up
Yeah, has worked fine for me. I think I've done 1 5fw + 2 x 3fw cases daisy chained off one 1A 12v wall wart before, which would be actually just a little over 1A according to the ratings written on the power inlets. Didn't have any noise issues or anything.
Yes, it is fine.

Best to join 0V sockets with a banana cable if you're wanting to patch CVs between them.

Note also that some early 3&5FW cases had the DC input marked at 0.5A - typical is actually 0.3A max (rarely actually takes that). But I tend to suggest over spec'ing DC supply anyways.
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