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Plumbutter -> Brown Rollz into Gongue White
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Author Plumbutter -> Brown Rollz into Gongue White
I'm curious if anyone's PB behaves like this does:

When he connects the 3Rollz into the Gongue White audio out it goes a bit Rollz5/Rolzer (before the Coco is introduced). I really like it but my PB does nothing of the sort. It appears as though the 3Rollz on his PB are super fast.

Am I missing something, been trying to replicate this behaviour for a while?
Mine doesn't.

e: You do know the white is an output, right? So I'm not sure what that patch is supposed to do. Brown's are bi-directional, but with nothing else being modulated from the 3-rollz I can't figure what's going on here.
Yes absolutely, when I first saw it I wondered if it was possible with the white being audio out. Bit of a mystery...I'm intrigued hmmm.....
It sounds like the odd # sounds from the rolz are going thru the audio out of just the one gong. In another video it does not seem to behave the same way for the other gong. You can get some of those odd rolz sounds thru the ultrasound but they don’t seem to sound filtered in that example.
I will try patching something like this later.
I commented on the YT post about it. He told me that he has two PBs which behave the same way, one gongue reacts to 'audio out' the other doesn't.

Mine behaves the same as the second take in that nothing really happens. I'd be interested to find out if others can recreate this.
Neither of the plumbutters in my duosk will do this.
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