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[verolayout] 3x3 matrix mixer with buffered inputs...
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Author [verolayout] 3x3 matrix mixer with buffered inputs...
I posted this thing already in the electro-music forum. But probably it is also useful for someone here. oops

Hi, thanks for posting!! this looks really cool and I'm thinking about making it as my first diy project... can you answer a quick question about reading the diagram since I've never done a veroboard project? I'm wondering about the meaning of the colors in rows E, F and N. Knowing next to nothing about electronics, I'm just wondering how you get the buffered strips of 4.5V? is that coming from the circuit on the top right involving the op amp?

Also, how exactly do the input and output jacks connect to the circuits here? Each jack has a positive and a ground connector right? so am i correct in assuming the positive connection is the one indicated on the diagram and the ground can be connected to a ground anywhere on the board?

Maybe this question seems obvious, but I'd appreciate a response so i can get building, thanks!!
I'm not sure of the intended application, but it's worth knowing that this uses a guitar pedal style of supply, with the 12V regulated down to 9V and a simulated ground at 4.5V. As a result, it will not handle typical modular-synth levels, especially not if the op amps really are TL072 type. Maybe it's meant for "line level"?
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